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Generating Human-readable Alphanumeric Identifiers
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Base36 id strings

This set of functions exists to convert various data types to and from base36 strings.

Why a base36 string?

  • Base36 strings are great way to shorten numeric ids for external applications. For example: 1000000 (1 million) converts down to LFLS.
  • Base36 strings are alphanumeric, using only commonly used letters and numbers
  • Base36 strings are case-insensitive

Where have I seen this before?

  • Microsoft product keys
  • Various HR software


uintToBase36(n) - convert a number to a base36 id string

uintFromBase36(s) - convert a base36 id string to a number

uintArrayToBase36(uints, segmentLength) - convert an array of numbers to a base36 id string at the specified segment length

uintArrayFromBase36(s, segmentLength) - convert a base36 id string to an array of numbers at the specified segment length

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