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RealDrawings - AEC Tech 2019 West Coast Hackathon Project
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RhinoDrawings is an open-source, Rhino plug-in project that was developed during the AEC Tech 2019 West Coast Hackathon held in Seattle, Washington. The focus of the project and the team was to ease some of the pain in organizing and producing 2-D drawings in Rhino.

Team Members

Daniel Depoe, Katerra

James Munns, StructureCraft

Dale Fugier, Robert McNeel & Associates

Mary Fugier, Robert McNeel & Associates



The initial tool attempts to solve the problem of Rhino's layout tabs. Layout tabs appear below Rhino's graphics area.


Once you start creating multiple layouts, the tab control becomes unusable, as there are too many tabs to view. Thus, you are stuck having to click arrows to switch between layouts. If you have a lot of layouts, this involves a lot of clicking, and is very annoying. This user-interface is referred to a papercut.


The team's solution was to developer a new Layouts panel. This panel shows all layouts in a easy-to-use list. Double-clicking on a layout item in the list activates the layout, thus completely eliminating the need for the layout tabs. The panel also provide additional functionality, such as creating new layouts, copying existing layouts, renaming layouts, deleting layouts, and more.


Code licensed under the MIT License.

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