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Plex Trakt Scrobbler

WARNING: If you have multiple users on your server, please ensure you have filters setup (the only scrobble options in the settings). The default setup will scrobble all media playing from your server to your account.


Unsupported Appstore

The latest stable version of the plugin is available from the Unsupported Appstore


Download the plugin from one of the following branches

Install the bundle by extracting the zip and copying the Trakttv.bundle folder to your Plex Media server plugin folder

  • OS X ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins

  • Linux /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins

  • Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins

  • Windows Vista (and later) C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins


  1. In Plex/Web, navigate to Channels -> -> Settings
  2. Enter your username and password, and tick the Scrobble option to enable automatic scrobbling.


The plugin is still work in progress so there may be bugs.

Please report all bugs to the issue tracker on this repository here (please try searching first)

Support is also available via IRC at #trakt-plex (on freenode).

Code contributions are also welcome. Submit pull requests via GitHub and they will be reviewed and merged in.