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@@ -162,6 +162,31 @@ When you've setup `.couchapprc` you can push your app with just `couchapp push`
Clone downloads apps from other databases around the internet, all you have to do is point to the design doc url. Usage instructions will be here soon.
+## Vendor
+handle vendor update and install from a git repository. Each vendor app
+should be in a vendor folder :
+ vendor/appname
+To update a vendor folder in your couchapp:
+ couchapp vendor update [app dir]
+Or from within the app dir:
+ couchapp vendor update
+To install a vendor plugin:
+ couchapp vendor install git://somerepo [app dir]
+ couchapp vendor install git://
+CouchApp's JavaScript library is a vendor (the one right above this line) and it is installed by default in new generators.
# Community
There is a mailing list here: [](

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