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Updated README for new -o flag

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@@ -24,14 +24,10 @@ Calling the erldocs script with no arguments will generate documentation for the
-Calling erldocs with one argument will changes the output directory to the one specified in the argument.
+Additional arguments can specify the location to source files to be documented
-`./erldocs docs/alternate_location`
+`./erldocs path/to/erlang/otp/lib/* path/to/erlang/erts`
-Calling erldocs with multiple arguments changes both the destination of the generated documentation and the source of the documentation.
+You can specify the output directory with the `-o` flag
-`./erldocs path/to/erlang/otp/lib/edoc doc/edoc_docs`
-Source arguments can use wildcards.
-`./erldocs path/to/erlang/otp/lib/* doc/otp_docs`
+`./erldocs -o path/to/output path/to/erlang/otp/lib/* path/to/erlang/erts`

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