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maxogden commented May 9, 2011

i'm pretty sure I updated all of the urls to be vhost friendly. basically there is a couch.root() method that will return the url for the _rewrite handler in both vhost and non vhost mode

you will need secure_rewrites to be set to false in your config


maxogden commented May 9, 2011

the 'launch couchapp' function is kinda crazy to think about... if you are inside a vhost you can't autodetect the real couch base url, just the proxy through rewrites (_rewrite/couch). that means that if you are editing a couchapp that also is vhost compatible then the url won't parse correctly:

generated url: http://myvhost:5984/couch/catmapper/_design/catmapper/_rewrite

what catmapper expects: http://localhost:5984/catmapper/_design/catmapper/_rewrite

tl;dr the extra "/couch" messes up the vhost url parser code


daleharvey commented May 9, 2011

Yo max, this is awesome cheers

Is there a way to make this gracefully degrade on servers with secure_rewrites = true? as thats the default configuration I would prefer not to have it broken for everyone using a standard vanilla couch (including myself)

preferably it would work without having to go through _rewrites at all inside a vanilla configuration, but I dont know enough about rewrites to say whether it is possible, I will do a bit of digging

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