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Internet Explorer Browser bindings for DalekJS
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DalekJS browser plugin for Internet Explorer

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This module is a browser plugin for DalekJS. It provides all a WebDriverServer & browser launcher for Internet Explorer.

The browser plugin can be installed with the following command:

$ npm install dalek-browser-ie --save-dev

You can use the browser plugin by adding a config option to the your Dalekfile

"browsers": ["IE"]

Or you can tell Dalek that it should test in this browser via the command line:

$ dalek mytest.js -b IE

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Internet Explorer does not launch and the test hangs (possibly only on 64-Bit-Systems)

In order to drive IE the setting "Enable Protected Mode" (in IE's Security tab) must be set to the same value for ALL zones. If it is on for some zones and off for others it might not work. Stackoverflow

Help Is Just A Click Away

#dalekjs on IRC

Join the #daleksjs channel on to ask questions and get help.

Google Group Mailing List

Get announcements for new releases, share your projects and ideas that are using DalekJS, and join in open-ended discussion that does not fit in to the Github issues list or StackOverflow Q&A.

For help with syntax, specific questions on how to implement a feature using DalekJS, and other Q&A items, use StackOverflow.


Ask questions about using DalekJS in specific scenarios, with specific features. For example, help with syntax, understanding how a feature works and how to override that feature, browser specific problems and so on.

Questions on StackOverflow often turn in to blog posts or issues.

Github Issues

Report issues with DalekJS, submit pull requests to fix problems, or to create summarized and documented feature requests (preferably with pull requests that implement the feature).

Please don't ask questions or seek help in the issues list. There are other, better channels for seeking assistance, like StackOverflow and the Google Groups mailing list.


Legal FooBar (MIT License)

Copyright (c) 2013 Sebastian Golasch

Distributed under MIT license

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