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Home of @etherstan and Collection of final projects from No_Place_Spaces Workshop
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No_Place_Spaces Workshop

Dalena Tran
0 Knowlton School of Architecture March 23-24


No_Place_Spaces is a 2-day workshop that focuses on using open-source tools Blend4Web and Blender and the workflow involved to generate a cohesive real-time and interactive virtual world called @etherstan. @etherstan is composed of subspaces. Each subspace is the final project of indvidiual workshop participants.


Unpack and re-imagine the web site beyond conventional use

Become familiarized with a workflow that allows you to create interactive 3D virtual spaces and publish them on the internet or in a browser

Each student will imagine, plan, and execute their own interactive, 2D/3D virtual scene and publish them online to @etherstan


Blend4Web Documentation

Intro to Blend4Web

Matcap Material Tutorial

Animation, Physics, and Logic Tutorial

Principled BDSF Shader Setup in Cycles

Baking from Cycles to "Game" or Real-Time

Interaction, Physics, and Logic Tutorial

Advanced Material Nodes Tutorial

Cubemap / Environment Tutorial

Logic Nodes

Alpha Clip Tutorial

Particle Tutorial

Water Shader


Saturday, Mar 23rd

Event ~Time Description
Introduction ~10:00 am Faciliator Intro
Student/Participant Intro
Project Examples & Conceptual Framework
Contextualize & Overview of workshop, schedule, and objectives
Tools & Resources ~10:30 am Blender & Blend4Web Overview
Resources Overview
Lunch Break ~12:00 pm 1 hour break
Tutorial Project 1 ~01:00 pm 3D Fundamentals & Start-to-Finish Workflow Demo
Create basic scene with camera, object, lights in Blender and export to local browser
Tutorial Project 2 ~02:00 pm Design and Performance
Create scene with terrain and text
Optimization and baking
Break ~3:30 pm 15 Minutes
Tutorial Project 3 ~03:45 pm Form, Space, Context, Media, Animation, Interaction
Create a labyrinth and adorn then with collection of images and audio + interaction / animation
Debrief ~5:00 pm Overview of Final Project
Brainstorm Project Ideas
Git & Github Repo Clone and Branch (Optional)
Finish ~6:00 pm

Sunday, Mar 24th

Event ~Time Description
Final Project ~10:00 am Discuss project ideas
Clone Git repo
Studio time & one-on-one
Lunch Break ~12:00 pm 1 hour break
Studio Time ~01:00 pm Continue studio time & one-on-ones
Publish & Close ~05:00 pm Push projects to github

Software / Tools







3D Model Resources

Blend Swap



3D Sky

Daz 3D

Free 3D


Materials & Textures Resources

Crazy Bump


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