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Dale Newman edited this page · 9 revisions

I created Transformalize to transform normalized relational data into star schema. This is something you do when you build data warehouses.

After doing a few manually, I realized it could be automated, or configuration based. At the start, I knew I wanted these features:

  • 100% configurable
  • An ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) data pipeline
  • Automated Input and output for SQL Server
  • Rebuild the output from scratch
  • Just update the output with new data from the input
  • Simple inline transformations
  • Calculated fields

As time passed, I realized I wanted these features also:

  • Configuration inheritance
  • Razor Templates to transform the configuration in different ways
  • Actions to perform before and after the process
  • Aggregation, to flatten one to many relationships
  • Custom Javascript, Razor Templates, and C# transformations.
  • Other input and output options
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