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A plugin that helps to integrate Firebase to WordPress
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Integrate Firebase WordPress Plugin

Contributors: dalenguyen

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Tags: firebase, wordpress

Requires at least: 4.0.0

Tested up to: 4.9.6

Stable tag: 0.5.3

Requires PHP: 5.2.4

License: GPLv2 or later

License URI:

Integrate Firebase is a plugin that helps to integrate Firebase features to WordPress


I'm planning to release a PRO version of this plugin, and it will take a lot of time to add new features. If there are enough people who want to use a better version of this. I will spend time to develop it. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the Integrate Firebase PRO version, please take part in this survey:


The Integrate Firebase Plugin will help a Firebase user to login to your WordPress interface - not to WordPress dashboard - from Firebase authentication. You can show user info display data that is only available to your Firebase users.

You also can view Real Time Database and Firestore from your Dashboard in Version 0.5.3



If installing the plugin from

  1. Upload the entire /integrate-firebase directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Integrate Firebase Plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this Integrate Firebase plugin?

At version 0.3.2, a user can integrate Firebase authentication to WordPress. That means you can:

  • log in, log out and show data only to logged in users.
  • Get Real Time database in Dashboard

How can I put a shortcode in a widget or WordPress editor? =

The example in this guide only shows you how to put in a PHP file. If you want to put the shortcode inside a widget or editor. You can simply do this:


How can I add a login form to WordPress?

After adding Firebase credentials from Settings > Firebase. You can add login form through shortcodes:

echo do_shortcode("[firebase_login]");

If you want to create your own form. Please start with

. For submit button, you have to add 'firebase-form-submit' as an ID.

How can I show user info after login?

You can add a shortcode to show user's info

echo do_shortcode("[firebase_greetings]");

How can I show error when a user cannot login?

You can show error message when a user cannot login by using a shortcode

echo do_shortcode("[firebase_login_error class='your-class-name'][/firebase_login_error]");

How can I show data for a not logged in user?

You can put your data as an HTML code inside a shortcode

echo do_shortcode("[firebase_show_not_login class='your-class-name']YOUR HTML CODE[/firebase_show_not_login]");

How can I hide or show data for a logged in user?

You can put your data as an HTML code inside a shortcode

echo do_shortcode("[firebase_show class='your-class-name']YOUR HTML CODE[/firebase_show]");

How can I show realtime database for a logged in user?

You can put your data as an HTML code inside a shortcode. Realtime data will be shown as a table with an id #if-realtime.

echo do_shortcode("[realtime class='your-class-name' collection_name='string' document_name='string']");

How can I log out?

This is a shortcode for log out button.

echo do_shortcode("[firebase_logout]");


  1. After activating the plugin, you need enter Firebase credentials under Setting > Firebase.

Firebase Settings

  1. Please enter collection names in order to show the data from Real Time Database

Database Settings

  1. Please edit the read rules in order to view data from Firestore

Firestore Settings


[ 0.5.3 ] - 16-02-2020

  • Update firebase scripts

[ 0.5.2 ] - 30-03-2019

  • Show realtime database after login

[ 0.5.1 ] - 11-08-2018

  • Hide login form after logging in

[ 0.5.0 ] - 04-08-2018

  • Add shortcode to display when not login
  • Add error handling shortcode

[ 0.4.0 ]

  • Added Firestore database support in Dashboard


  • Fixed firebase show shortcode


  • Fixing get firebase credentials


  • Added about information
  • Added Real Time database support in Dashboard


  • Fixed readme typos


  • Change plugin name
  • Update logout shortcode


  • Add scripts & styles
  • Allow to show and hide data after login


  • Started the project and add an authentication method

Upgrade Notice

Please use github issues when submitting your logs. Please do not post to the forums.

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