WordPress 4.9.5 + Sage Theme 9.0.1 + Uikit 3 Framework
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WordPress 4.9.5 + Sage theme 9.0.1 + UiKit 3 Framework

This is a starter respository that boostraps your development process with preloaded Sage theme and Uikit Framework. This wordpress boilerplate is also preloaded CMB2 plugin for creating metaboxes, custom post type...

Getting Started

git clone https://github.com/dalenguyen/wordpress-sage-9-uikit-starter

Start Building

Run these script commands within your theme directory:

Install all the necessary dependencies


Start building assets

yarn build — Compile and optimize the files in your assets directory
yarn build:production — Compile assets for production
yarn start — Compile assets when file changes are made, start Browersync session

Happy Wordpress custom theme development

Before getting to development