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Extract the source file to some location and execute the following:

  gcc start-stop-daemon.c -o start-stop-daemon
  sudo mv start-stop-daemon /usr/sbin/start-stop-daemon

Example Usage:

Please see example_service


The source code was extracted from:

A rewrite of the original Debian's start-stop-daemon Perl script
in C (faster - it is executed many times during system startup).

Written by Marek Michalkiewicz <>,
public domain.  Based conceptually on, by Ian
Jackson <>.  May be used and distributed
freely for any purpose.  Changes by Christian Schwarz
<>, to make output conform to the Debian
Console Message Standard, also placed in public domain.  Minor
changes by Klee Dienes <>, also placed in the Public

Changes by Ben Collins <>, added --chuid, --background
and --make-pidfile options, placed in public domain aswell.

Port to OpenBSD by Sontri Tomo Huynh <>
               and Andreas Schuldei <>
Changes by Ian Jackson: added --retry (and associated rearrangements).

Modified for Gentoo rc-scripts by Donny Davies <>:
 I removed the BSD/Hurd/OtherOS stuff, added #include <stddef.h>
 and stuck in a #define VERSION "1.9.18".  Now it compiles without
 the whole automake/config.h dance.