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Python/GTK3 based Pi-hole Dashboard for stats and more
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PiHole-Panel 2.6

Connects to one or multiple Pi-hole hosts and reports statistics in real-time and also allows you to use it as a control panel to control your Pi-hole hosts independently.

This program will run on your Pi or desktop computer that is running Raspian, Ubuntu, Pop_OS!, Debian etc...


1. You must use a password with your Pi-hole otherwise the API becomes read-only.
2. Download pihole-panel-latest.deb from above.
3. Open Terminal
cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i pihole-panel-latest.deb

Alternatively, Ubuntu, Pop_OS!, and more experimental Raspbian users can use the Ubuntu PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:daleosm/pihole-panel
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pihole-panel


rm ~/.config/pihole_panel_configs.xml


sudo apt remove pihole-panel


PiHole-Panel 2.6

  • Fixed alignment for settings items with some themes.

PiHole-Panel 2.5

  • Settings window is now centered.

PiHole-Panel 2.3

  • Settings window is now a fixed size.
  • Code and performance improvements.

PiHole-Panel 2.2

  • Fix for default Pi-hole host that is not using standard url.
  • Cosmetic fixes to GUI elements.

PiHole-Panel 2.1

  • Complete and stable multi-host support.

PiHole-Panel 2.0

  • Changes to API now require 3 second update interval.

PiHole-Panel 1.9

  • Now compatible with latest API.
  • Temporary fix for Gravity Last Updated.

PiHole-Panel 1.8

  • Now works with package manager.
  • Fix for handling of when Pi-hole host is down.
  • Fix for update notification.
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