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…rc) (#152)

* Fix merge algorithm dropping first record and improve overall logic. This drops algorithm support for multiline records until better library support is added.

* Insert merged record before possibly adding relations to it

* Add overlap threshold merge criteria and type annotations

* Revert annotations for py2 compat

* disable set -x when running tests for clearer output

* Revert accidental import change

* fix import statement

* docstring style change

* update changelog

* bump version

* add -v to nosetests

* add TODO

Co-authored-by: Ryan Dale <>

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gffutils is a Python package for working with and manipulating the GFF and GTF format files typically used for genomic annotations. Files are loaded into a sqlite3 database, allowing much more complex manipulation of hierarchical features (e.g., genes, transcripts, and exons) than is possible with plain-text methods alone.

See documentation at

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