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Maestro is The ERP for Engineers, a web-based ERP system that provides Trust and Transparency to design, manufacturing and support teams.

Maesto is NOT suitable for production use at this time.

Maestro manages information related to projects, parts, stock, issues and people. Maestro draws basic inspiration from Parts&VendorsTM, PLM software that was produced by Trilogy Design (no longer in business), and adds enterprise features, including single-entry accounting and true multi-user operation.

Maestro includes data for the fictional Swift Construction Company (SCC), including projects, parts, stock (unserialized, serialized and lot controlled), issues and users. A demo is hosted on

Maestro is developed as an open source project using the business-friendly permissive BSD 2-Clause License. The goal of the Maestro project is to provide a superior integrated business management solution for managing parts, projects, material, issues and people.

Getting Started

Refer to the following documents:

Issue Tracking

Issues (and project milestones) are tracked in the Maestro Project Issue Tracker.

Communication Channels

The official (and preferred) communication channel is the Maestro Project Issue Tracker.

Project Documentation

Project documentation is maintained in the Maestro Project Wiki.

Developer Guidelines

The basic development procedure is:

  • Create a GitHub account and use GitHub to fork the Maestro project repo
  • Clone your fork locally
  • Create a local topic branch off the master branch
  • Develop and test your work locally
  • Push your topic branch to your GitHub clone
  • Issue a pull request with your changes to the Maestro project

All development is currently in the master branch.

For more information, see the Maestro project wiki (e.g. Maestro Development). You can also explore inherent conventions using PHP_CodeSniffer.


Maestro source is copyright by its authors, as recorded in the maestro repository commit log. The Maestro project does not use a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) or a Copyright Assignment Agreement (CAA). By submitting work to the project, you agree to license your contribution according to the BSD 2-Clause License.

MaestroTM, ERP for EngineersTM, and Transparency with TrustTM are used under license according to the Maestro Trademark and Logo Policy.

Parts&VendorsTM is a trademark of Trilogy Design


Shoul you desire assistance, please try the following in order:

If posting a new issue to the issue tracker, please try to include answers to the following questions:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What are the symptoms? Why do you think this is a problem?
  • What version of Maestro you are using? (are you using a release version?, current master branch head?)
  • Include as an example, the simplest sequence of operations that demonstrates the undesired or unanticipated behaviour.