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MonoTouch Aji iAnnotate PDF Library

This is a MonoTouch binding for Aji iAnnotate PDF Library which can be found at: 	(General Description) 		(Lib Request Form)

I used version 1.5


When you get libAjiPDFLib.a paste it into binding folder.

You Must Have the following files inside binding folder in order to compile your AlexTouch.AjiPDF.dll

-binding + AssemblyInfo.cs (INCLUDED) + DescriptionFile.cs (INCLUDED) + enums.cs (INCLUDED) + extensions.cs (INCLUDED) + Makefile (INCLUDED) + libAjiPDFLib.a (THE ONE YOU MUST GET FROM*****)

To build the bindings, run the make command from within the bindings directory.

Using AlexTouch.AjiPDF.dll with your own iOS App

Simply add AlexTouch.AjiPDF.dll to your project's References in MonoDevelop and you are good to go!

All kudos for this excelent piece of work "libAjiPDFLib.a" goes to also they have some docs ;)

Alex Soto @dalexsoto