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Searx instance list
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For searx instance operators

For reviewers

  • on each commit, instances.yml is checked
  • python -m searxinstances.update allows to edit the instances.yml
usage: [-h]
                 [--github-issues [GITHUB_ISSUE_LIST [GITHUB_ISSUE_LIST ...]]]
                 [--add [ADD_INSTANCES [ADD_INSTANCES ...]]]
                 [--delete [DELETE_INSTANCES [DELETE_INSTANCES ...]]]
                 [--edit [EDIT_INSTANCES [EDIT_INSTANCES ...]]]

Update the instance list according to the github issues.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --github-issues [GITHUB_ISSUE_LIST [GITHUB_ISSUE_LIST ...]]
                        Github issue number to process, by default all
                        Add instance(s)
                        Delete instance(s)
                        Edit instance(s)

The tool :

  • is only an helper. instances.yml can be edited directly.
  • shows the default editor to only edit one instance at a time.
  • once the user quits the editor, the script checks everything is okay, if not it goes back to the editor with the error added at the end of the buffer.
  • if everything is okay, the script modifies the instances.yml file.
  • then it creates a commit.
  • The --github-issues options reads the github issues.

An example what is shown in the default editor:
  safe: false

# Add
# Close
# From @dalf

#> The above text is the commit message
#> Delete the whole buffer to cancel the request

#> -- MESSAGE -----------------------
#> See

Here is it possible to modify the yaml, the commit message and validate or delete the whole buffer to cancel.

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