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check_pgbackrest - pgBackRest backup check plugin for Nagios
check_pgbackrest [-s|--service SERVICE] [-S|--stanza NAME]
check_pgbackrest [-l|--list]
check_pgbackrest [--help]
check_pgbackrest is designed to monitor pgBackRest backups from Nagios.
-s, --service SERVICE
The Nagios service to run. See section SERVICES for a description of
available services or use "--list" for a short service and
description list.
-S, --stanza NAME
Name of the stanza to check.
-F, --format OUTPUT_FORMAT
The output format. Supported outputs are: "human" and "nagios"
-C, --command FILE
pgBackRest executable file (default: "pgbackrest").
pgBackRest configuration file.
-P, --prefix COMMAND
Some prefix command to execute the pgBackRest info command (eg:
"sudo -iu postgres").
-l, --list
List available services.
Print some debug messages.
-V, --version
Print version and exit.
-?, --help
Show this help page.
Descriptions and parameters of available services.
Fail when the number of full backups is less than the
"--retention-full" argument.
Fail when the newest backup is older than the "--retention-age"
The following units are accepted (not case sensitive): s (second), m
(minute), h (hour), d (day). You can use more than one unit per
given value.
Check if all archived WALs exist between the oldest and the latest
WAL needed for the recovery.
This service requires the "--repo-path" argument to specify where
the archived WALs are stored.
The "--repo-host" and "--repo-host-user" arguments allow to list
remote archived WALs using SFTP.
Archives must be compressed (.gz). If needed, use "compress-level=0"
instead of "compress=n".
Use the "--wal-segsize" argument to set the WAL segment size.
The following units are accepted (not case sensitive): b (Byte), k
(KB), m (MB), g (GB), t (TB), p (PB), e (EB) or Z (ZB). Only
integers are accepted. Eg. "1.5MB" will be refused, use "1500kB".
The factor between units is 1024 bytes. Eg. "1g = 1G =
Use the "--ignore-archived-since" argument to ignore the archived
WALs since the provided interval.
The "--latest-archive-age-alert" argument defines the max age of the
latest archived WAL as an interval before raising a critical alert.
The following units are accepted as interval (not case sensitive): s
(second), m (minute), h (hour), d (day). You can use more than one
unit per given value. If not set, the last unit is in seconds. Eg.
"1h 55m 6" = "1h55m6s".
check_pgbackrest is an open project. Any contribution to improve it is
check_pgbackrest version 1.5, released on Mon Mar 18 2019.
This program is open source, licensed under the PostgreSQL license. For
license terms, see the LICENSE file.
Author: Stefan Fercot.
Copyright: (c) 2018-2019, Dalibo.
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