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2014-02-05 version 5.0

This new major release adds some new features like incremental mode and SQL
queries times histogram. There is also a hourly graphic representation of the
count and average duration of top normalized queries. Same for errors or events,
you will be able to see graphically at which hours they are occurring the most

The incremental mode is an old request issued at PgCon Ottawa 2012 that concern
the ability to construct incremental reports with successive runs of pgBadger.
It is now possible to run pgbadger each days or even more, each hours, and have
cumulative reports per day and per week. A top index page allow you to go
directly to the weekly and daily reports.

This mode have been build with simplicity in mind so running pgbadger by cron
as follow:

0 23 * * * pgbadger -q -I -O /var/www/pgbadger/ /var/log/postgresql.log

is enough to have daily and weekly reports viewable using your browser.

You can take a look at a sample report at

There's also a useful improvement to allow pgBadger to seek directly to the
last position in the same log file after a successive execution. This feature
is only available using the incremental mode or the -l option and parsing a
single log file. Let's say you have a weekly rotated log file and want to run
pgBadger each days. With 2GB of log per day, pgbadger was spending 5 minutes
per block of 2 GB to reach the last position in the log, so at the end of the
week this feature will save you 35 minutes. Now pgBadger will start parsing
new log entries immediately. This feature is compatible with the multiprocess
mode using -j option (n processes for one log file).

Histogram of query times is a new report in top queries slide that shows the
query times distribution during the analyzed period. For example:

Range Count Percentage
0-1ms 10,367,313 53.52%
1-5ms 799,883 4.13%
5-10ms 451,646 2.33%
10-25ms 2,965,883 15.31%
25-50ms 4,510,258 23.28%
50-100ms 180,975 0.93%
100-500ms 87,613 0.45%
500-1000ms 5,856 0.03%
1000-10000ms 2,697 0.01%
> 10000ms 74 0.00%

There is also some graphic and report improvements, like the mouse tracker
formatting that have been reviewed. It now shows a vertical crosshair and
all dataset values at a time when mouse pointer moves over series. Automatic
queries formatting has also been changed, it is now done on double click
event as simple click was painful when you want to copy some part of the

The report "Simultaneous Connections" has been relabeled into "Established
Connections", it is less confusing as many people think that this is the number
of simultaneous sessions, which is not the case. It only count the number of
connections established at same time.

Autovacuum reports now associate database name to the autovacuum and autoanalyze
entries. Statistics now refer to "dbname.schema.table", previous versions was only
showing the pair "schema.table".

This release also adds Session peak information and a report about Simultaneous
sessions. Parameters log_connections and log_disconnections must be enabled in

Complete ChangeLog:

- Fix size of SQL queries columns to prevent exceeding screen width.
- Add new histogram reports on top normalized queries and top errors
or event. It shows at what hours and in which quantity the queries
or errors appears.
- Add seeking to last parser position in log file in incremental mode.
This prevent parsing all the file to find the last line parse from
previous run. This only works when parsing a single flat file, -j
option is permitted. Thanks to ioguix for the kick.
- Rewrite reloading of last log time from binary files.
- Fix missing statistics of last parsed queries in incremental mode.
- Fix bug in incremental mode that prevent reindexing a previous day.
Thanks to Martin Prochazka for the great help.
- Fix missing label "Avg duration" on column header in details of Most
frequent queries (N).
- Add vertical crosshair on graph.
- Fix case where queries and events was not updated when using -b and
-e command line. Thanks to Nicolas Thauvin for the report.
- Fix week sorting on incremental report main index page. Thanks to
Martin Prochazka for the report.
- Add "Histogram of query times" report to show statistics like
0-100ms : 80%, 100-500ms :14%, 500-1000ms : 3%, > 1000ms : 1%.
Thanks to tmihail for the feature request.
- Format mouse tracker on graphs to show all dataset value at a time.
- Add control of -o vs -O option with incremental mode to prevent
wrong use.
- Change log level of missing LAST_PARSED.tmp file to WARNING and
add a HINT.
- Update copyright date to 2014
- Fix empty reports of connections. Thanks to Reeshna Ramakrishnan
for the report.
- Fix display of connections peak when no connection was reported.
- Fix warning on META_MERGE for ExtUtils::MakeMaker < 6.46. Thanks
to Julien Rouhaud for the patch.
- Add documentation about automatic incremental mode.
- Add incremental mode to pgBadger. This mode will build a report
per day and a cumulative report per week. It also create an index
interface to easiest access to the different report. Must be run,
for example, as:
pgbadger /var/log/postgresql.log.1 -I -O /var/www/pgbadger/
after a daily PostgreSQL log file rotation.
- Add -O | --outdir path to specify the directory where out file
must be saved.
- Automatic queries formatting is now done on double click event,
simple click was painful when you want to copy some part of the
queries. Thanks to Guillaume Smet for the feature request.
- Remove calls of binmode to force html file output to be utf8 as
there is some bad side effect. Thanks to akorotkov for the report.
- Remove use of Time::HiRes Perl module as some distributions does
not include this module by default in core Perl install.
- Fix "Wide character in print" Perl message by setting binmode
to :utf8. Thanks to Casey Allen Shobe for the report.
- Fix application name search regex to handle application name with
space like "pgAdmin III - Query Tool".
- Fix wrong timestamps saved with top queries. Thanks to Herve Werner
for the report.
- Fix missing logs types statitics when using binary mode. Thanks to
Herve Werner for the report.
- Fix Queries by application table column header: Database replaced
by Application. Thanks to Herve Werner for the report.
- Add "Max number of times the same event was reported" report in
Global stats Events tab.
- Replace "Number of errors" by "Number of ERROR entries" and add
"Number of FATAL entries".
- Replace "Number of errors" by "Number of events" and "Total errors
found" by "Total events found" in Events reports. Thanks to Herve
Werner for the report.
- Fix title error in Sessions per database.
- Fix clicking on the info link to not go back to the top of the page.
Thanks to Guillaume Smet for the report and solution.
- Fix incremental report from binary output where binary data was not
loaded if no queries were present in log file. Thanks to Herve Werner
for the report.
- Fix parsing issue when log_error_verbosity = verbose. Thanks to vorko
for the report.
- Add Session peak information and a report about Simultaneous sessions.
log_connections+log_disconnections must be enabled in postgresql.conf.
- Fix wrong requests number in Queries by user and by host. Thanks to
Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais for the report.
- Fix issue with rsyslog format failing to parse logs. Thanks to Tim
Sampson for the report.
- Associate autovacuum and autoanalyze log entry to the corresponding
database name. Thanks to Herve Werner for the feature request.
- Change "Simultaneous Connections" label into "Established Connections",
it is less confusing as many people think that this is the number of
simultaneous sessions, which is not the case. It only count the number
of connections established at same time. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for
the report.

2013-11-08 version 4.1

This release fixes two major bugs and some others minor issues. There's also a
new command line option --exclude-appname that allow exclusion from the report
of queries generated by a specific program, like pg_dump. Documentation have
been updated with a new chapter about building incremental reports.

- Add log_autovacuum_min_duration into documentation in chapter about
postgresql configuration directives. Thanks to Herve Werner for the
- Add chapter about "Incremental reports" into documentation.
- Fix reports with per minutes average where last time fraction was
not reported. Thanks to Ludovic Levesque and Vincent Laborie for the
- Fix unterminated comment in information popup. Thanks to Ronan
Dunklau for the patch.
- Add --exclude-appname command line option to eliminate unwanted
traffic generated by a specific application. Thanks to Steve Crawford
for the feature request.
- Allow external links use into URL to go to a specific report. Thanks
to Hubert depesz Lubaczewski for the feature request.
- Fix empty reports when parsing compressed files with the -j option
which is not allowed with compressed file. Thanks to Vincent Laborie
for the report.
- Prevent progress bar length to increase after 100% when real size is
greater than estimated size (issue found with huge compressed file).
- Correct some spelling and grammar in ChangeLog and pgbadger. Thanks
to Thom Brown for the patch.
- Fix major bug on SQL traffic reports with wrong min value and bad
average value on select reports, add min/max for select queries.
Thanks to Vincent Laborie for the report.

2013-10-31 - Version 4.0

This major release is the "Say goodbye to the fouine" release. With a full
rewrite of the reports design, pgBadger has now turned the HTML reports into
a more intuitive user experience and professional look.

The report is now driven by a dynamic menu with the help of the embedded
Bootstrap library. Every main menu corresponds to a hidden slide that is
revealed when the menu or one of its submenus is activated. There's
also the embedded font Font Awesome webfont to beautify the report.

Every statistics report now includes a key value section that immediately
shows you some of the relevant information. Pie charts have also been
separated from their data tables using two tabs, one for the chart and the
other one for the data.

Tables reporting hourly statistics have been moved to a multiple tabs report
following the data. This is used with General (queries, connections, sessions),
Checkpoints (buffer, files, warnings), Temporary files and Vacuums activities.

There's some new useful information shown in the key value sections. Peak
information shows the number and datetime of the highest activity. Here is the
list of those reports:

- Queries peak
- Read queries peak
- Write queries peak
- Connections peak
- Checkpoints peak
- WAL files usage Peak
- Checkpoints warnings peak
- Temporary file size peak
- Temporary file number peak

Reports about Checkpoints and Restartpoints have been merged into a single report.
These are almost one in the same event, except that restartpoints occur on a slave
cluster, so there was no need to distinguish between the two.

Recent PostgreSQL versions add additional information about checkpoints, the
number of synced files, the longest sync and the average of sync time per file.
pgBadger collects and shows this information in the Checkpoint Activity report.

There's also some new reports:

- Prepared queries ratio (execute vs prepare)
- Prepared over normal queries
- Queries (select, insert, update, delete) per user/host/application
- Pie charts for tables with the most tuples and pages removed during vacuum.

The vacuum report will now highlight the costly tables during a vacuum or
analyze of a database.

The errors are now highlighted by a different color following the level.
A LOG level will be green, HINT will be yellow, WARNING orange, ERROR red
and FATAL dark red.

Some changes in the binary format are not backward compatible and the option
--client has been removed as it has been superseded by --dbclient for a long time now.

If you are running a pg_dump or some batch process with very slow queries, your
report analysis will be hindered by those queries having unwanted prominence in the
report. Before this release it was a pain to exclude those queries from the
report. Now you can use the --exclude-time command line option to exclude all
traces matching the given time regexp from the report. For example, let's say
you have a pg_dump at 13:00 each day during half an hour, you can use pgbadger
as follows:

pgbadger --exclude-time "2013-09-.* 13:.*" postgresql.log

If you are also running a pg_dump at night, let's say 22:00, you can write it
as follows:

pgbadger --exclude-time '2013-09-\d+ 13:[0-3]' --exclude-time '2013-09-\d+ 22:[0-3]' postgresql.log

or more shortly:

pgbadger --exclude-time '2013-09-\d+ (13|22):[0-3]' postgresql.log

Exclude time always requires the iso notation yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss, even if log
format is syslog. This is the same for all time-related options. Use this option
with care as it has a high cost on the parser performance.

2013-09-17 - version 3.6

Still an other version in 3.x branch to fix two major bugs in vacuum and checkpoint
graphs. Some other minors bugs has also been fixed.

- Fix grammar in --quiet usage. Thanks to stephen-a-ingram for the report.
- Fix reporting period to starts after the last --last-parsed value instead
of the first log line. Thanks to Keith Fiske for the report.
- Add --csv-separator command line usage to documentation.
- Fix CSV log parser and add --csv-separator command line option to allow
change of the default csv field separator, coma, in any other character.
- Avoid "negative look behind not implemented" errors on perl 5.16/5.18.
Thanks to Marco Baringer for the patch.
- Support timestamps for begin/end with fractional seconds (so it'll handle
postgresql's normal string representation of timestamps).
- When using negative look behind set sub-regexp to -i (not case insensitive)
to avoid issues where some upper case letter sequence, like SS or ST.
- Change shebang from /usr/bin/perl to /usr/bin/env perl so that user-local
(perlbrew) perls will get used.
- Fix empty graph of autovacuum and autoanalyze.
- Fix checkpoint graphs that was not displayed any more.

2013-07-11 - Version 3.5

Last release of the 3.x branch, this is a bug fix release that also adds some
pretty print of Y axis number on graphs and a new graph that groups queries
duration series that was shown as second Y axis on graphs, as well as a new
graph with number of temporary file that was also used as second Y axis.

- Split temporary files report into two graphs (files size and number
of file) to no more used a second Y axis with flotr2 - mouse tracker
is not working as expected.
- Duration series representing the second Y axis in queries graph have
been removed and are now drawn in a new "Average queries duration"
independant graph.
- Add pretty print of numbers in Y axis and mouse tracker output with
PB, TB, GB, KB, B units, and seconds, microseconds. Number without
unit are shown with P, T, M, K suffix for easiest very long number
- Remove Query type reports when log only contains duration.
- Fix display of checkpoint hourly report with no entry.
- Fix count in Query type report.
- Fix minimal statistics output when nothing was load from log file.
Thanks to Herve Werner for the report.
- Fix several bug in log line parser. Thanks to Den Untevskiy for the
- Fix bug in last parsed storage when log files was not provided in the
right order. Thanks to Herve Werner for the report.
- Fix orphan lines wrongly associated to previous queries instead of
temporary file and lock logged statement. Thanks to Den Untevskiy for
the report.
- Fix number of different samples shown in events report.
- Escape HTML tags on error messages examples. Thanks to Mael Rimbault
for the report.
- Remove some temporary debug informations used with some LOG messages
reported as events.
- Fix several issues with restartpoint and temporary files reports.
Thanks to Guillaume Lelarge for the report.
- Fix issue when an absolute path was given to the incremental file.
Thanks to Herve Werner for the report.
- Remove creation of incremental temp file $tmp_last_parsed when not
running in multiprocess mode. Thanks to Herve Werner for the report.

2013-06-18 - Version 3.4

This release adds lot of graphic improvements and a better rendering with logs
over few hours. There's also some bug fixes especially on report of queries that
generate the most temporary files.

- Update flotr2.min.js to latest github code.
- Add mouse tracking over y2axis.
- Add label/legend information to ticks displayed on mouseover graphs.
- Fix documentation about log_statement and log_min_duration_statement.
Thanks to Herve Werner for the report.
- Fix missing top queries for locks and temporary files in multiprocess
- Cleanup code to remove storage of unused information about connection.
- Divide the huge dump_as_html() method with one method per each report.
- Checkpoints, restart points and temporary files are now drawn using a
period of 5 minutes per default instead of one hour. Thanks to Josh
Berkus for the feature request.
- Change fixed increment of one hour to five minutes on queries graphs
"SELECT queries" and "Write queries". Remove graph "All queries" as,
with a five minutes increment, it duplicates the "Queries per second".
Thanks to Josh Berkus for the feature request.
- Fix typos. Thanks to Arsen Stasic for the patch.
- Add default HTML charset to utf-8 and a command line option --charset
to be able to change the default. Thanks to thomas hankeuhh for the
feature request.
- Fix missing temporary files query reports in some conditions. Thanks
to Guillaume Lelarge and Thomas Reiss for the report.
- Fix some parsing issue with log generated by pg 7.4.
- Update documentation about missing new reports introduced in previous
version 3.3.

Note that it should be the last release of the 3.x branch unless there's major
bug fixes, but next one will be a major release with a completely new design.

2013-05-01 - Version 3.3

This release adds four more useful reports about queries that generate locks and
temporary files. An other new report about restart point on slaves and several
bugs fix or cosmetic change. Support to parallel processing under Windows OS has
been removed.

- Remove parallel processing under Windows platform, the use of waitpid
is freezing pgbadger. Thanks to Saurabh Agrawal for the report. I'm
not comfortable with that OS this is why support have been removed,
if someone know how to fix that, please submit a patch.
- Fix Error in tempfile() under Windows. Thanks to Saurabh Agrawal for
the report.
- Fix wrong queries storage with lock and temporary file reports. Thanks
to Thomas Reiss for the report.
- Add samples queries to "Most frequent waiting queries" and "Queries
generating the most temporary files" report.
- Add two more reports about locks: 'Most frequent waiting queries (N)",
and "Queries that waited the most". Thanks to Thomas Reiss for the
- Add two reports about temporary files: "Queries generating the most
temporary files (N)" and "Queries generating the largest temporary
files". Thanks to Thomas Reiss for the patch.
- Cosmetic change to the Min/Max/Avg duration columns.
- Fix report of samples error with csvlog format. Thanks to tpoindessous
for the report.
- Add --disable-autovacuum to the documentation. Thanks to tpoindessous
for the report.
- Fix unmatched ) in regex when using %s in prefix.
- Fix bad average size of temporary file in Overall statistics report.
Thanks to Jehan Guillaume de Rorthais for the report.
- Add restartpoint reporting. Thanks to Guillaume Lelarge for the patch.
- Made some minor change in CSS.
- Replace %% in log line prefix internally by a single % so that it
could be exactly the same than in log_line_prefix. Thanks to Cal
Heldenbrand for the report.
- Fix perl documentation header, thanks to Cyril Bouthors for the patch.

2013-04-07 - Version 3.2

This is mostly a bug fix release, it also adds escaping of HTML code inside
queries and the adds Min/Max reports with Average duration in all queries

- In multiprocess mode, fix case where pgbadger does not update
the last-parsed file and do not take care of the previous run.
Thanks to Kong Man for the report.
- Fix case where pgbadger does not update the last-parsed file.
Thanks to Kong Man for the report.
- Add CDATA to make validator happy. Thanks to Euler Taveira de
Oliveira for the patch.
- Some code review by Euler Taveira de Oliveira, thanks for the
- Fix case where stat were multiplied by N when -J was set to N.
Thanks to thegnorf for the report.
- Add a line in documentation about log_statement that disable
log_min_duration_statement when it is set to all.
- Add quick note on how to contribute, thanks to Damien Clochard
for the patch.
- Fix issue with logs read from stdin. Thanks to hubert depesz
lubaczewski for the report.
- Force pgbadger to not try to beautify queries bigger than 10kb,
this will take too much time. This value can be reduce in the
future if hang with long queries still happen. Thanks to John
Rouillard for the report.
- Fix an other issue in replacing bind param when the bind value
is alone on a single line. Thanks to Kjeld Peters for the report.
- Fix parsing of compressed files together with uncompressed files
using the the -j option. Uncompressed files are now processed using
split method and compressed ones are parsed per one dedicated process.
- Replace zcat by gunzip -c to fix an issue on MacOsx. Thanks to
Kjeld Peters for the report.
- Escape HTML code inside queries. Thanks to denstark for the report.
- Add Min/Max in addition to Average duration values in queries reports.
Thanks to John Rouillard fot the feature request.
- Fix top slowest array size with binary format.
- Fix an other case with bind parameters with value in next line and
the top N slowest queries that was repeated until N even if the real
number of queries was lower. Thanks to Kjeld Peters for the reports.
- Fix non replacement of bind parameters where there is line breaks in
the parameters, aka multiline bind parameters. Thanks to Kjeld Peters
for the report.
- Fix error with seekable export tag with Perl v5.8. Thanks to Jeff Bohmer
for the report.
- Fix parsing of non standard syslog lines begining with a timestamp like
"2013-02-28T10:35:11-05:00". Thanks to Ryan P. Kelly for the report.
- Fix issue #65 where using -c | --dbclient with csvlog was broken. Thanks
to Jaime Casanova for the report.
- Fix empty report in watchlog mode (-w option).

2013-02-21 - Version 3.1

This is a quick release to fix missing reports of most frequent errors and slowest
normalized queries in previous version published yesterday.

- Fix empty report in watchlog mode (-w option).
- Force immediat die on command line options error.
- Fix missing report of most frequent events/errors report. Thanks to
Vincent Laborie for the report.
- Fix missing report of slowest normalized queries. Thanks to Vincent
Laborie for the report.
- Fix display of last print of progress bar when quiet mode is enabled.

2013-02-20 - Version 3.0

This new major release adds parallel log processing by using as many cores as
wanted to parse log files, the performances gain is directly related to the
number of cores specified. There's also new reports about autovacuum/autoanalyze
informations and many bugs have been fixed.

- Update documentation about log_duration, log_min_duration_statement
and log_statement.
- Rewrite dirty code around log timestamp comparison to find timestamp
of the specified begin or ending date.
- Remove distinction between logs with duration enabled from variables
log_min_duration_statement and log_duration. Commands line options
--enable-log_duration and --enable-log_min_duration have been removed.
- Update documentation about parallel processing.
- Remove usage of Storable::file_magic to autodetect binary format file,
it is not include in core perl 5.8. Thanks to Marc Cousin for the
- Force multiprocess per file when files are compressed. Thanks to
Julien Rouhaud for the report.
- Add progress bar logger for multiprocess by forking a dedicated
process and using pipe. Also fix some bugs in using binary format
that duplicate query/error samples per process.
- chmod 755 pgbadger
- Fix checkpoint reports when there is no checkpoint warnings.
- Fix non report of hourly connections/checkpoint/autovacuum when not
query is found in log file. Thanks to Guillaume Lelarge for the
- Add better handling of signals in multiprocess mode.
- Add -J|--job_per_file command line option to force pgbadger to use
one process per file instead of using all to parse one file. Useful
to have better performances with lot of small log file.
- Fix parsing of orphan lines with stderr logs and log_line_prefix
without session information into the prefix (%l).
- Update documentation about -j | --jobs option.
- Allow pgbadger to use several cores, aka multiprocessing. Add options
-j | --jobs option to specify the number of core to use.
- Add autovacuum and autoanalyze infos to binary format.
- Fix case in SQL code highlighting where QQCODE temp keyword was not
replaced. Thanks to Julien Ruhaud for the report.
- Fix CSS to draw autovacuum graph and change legend opacity.
- Add pie graph to show repartition of number of autovacuum per table
and number of tuples removed by autovacuum per table.
- Add debug information about selected type of log duration format.
- Add report of tuples/pages removed in report of Vacuums by table.
- Fix major bug on syslog parser where years part of the date was
wrongly extracted from current date with logs generated in 2012.
- Fix issue with Perl 5.16 that do not allow "ss" inside look-behind
assertions. Thanks to Cedric for the report.
- New vacuum and analyze hourly reports and graphs. Thanks to Guillaume
Lelarge for the patch.

UPGRADE: if you are running pgbadger by cron take care if you were using one of
the following option: --enable-log_min_duration and --enable-log_duration, they
have been removed and pgbadger will refuse to start.

2013-01-17 - Version 2.3

This release fixes several major issues especially with csvlog and a memory leak
with log parsing using a start date. There's also several improvement like new
reports of number of queries by database and application. Mouse over reported
queries will show database, user, remote client and application name where they
are executed.

A new binary input/output format have been introduced to allow saving or reading
precomputed statistics. This will allow incremental reports based on periodical
runs of pgbader. This is a work in progress fully available with next coming
major release.

Several SQL code beautifier improvement from pgFormatter have also been merged.

- Clarify misleading statement about log_duration: log_duration may be
turned on depending on desired information. Only log_statement must
not be on. Thanks to Matt Romaine for the patch.
- Fix --dbname and --dbuser not working with csvlog format. Thanks to
Luke Cyca for the report.
- Fix issue in SQL formatting that prevent left back indentation when
major keywords were found. Thanks to Kevin Brannen for the report.
- Display 3 decimals in time report so that ms can be seen. Thanks to
Adam Schroder for the request.
- Force the parser to not insert a new line after the SET keyword when
the query begin with it. This is to preserve the single line with
queries like SET client_encoding TO "utf8";
- Add better SQL formatting of update queries by adding a new line
after the SET keyword. Thanks to pilat66 for the report.
- Update copyright and documentation.
- Queries without application name are now stored under others
application name.
- Add report of number of queries by application if %a is specified in
the log_line_prefix.
- Add link menu to the request per database and limit the display of
this information when there is more than one database.
- Add report of requests per database.
- Add report of user,remote client and application name to all request
- Fix memory leak with option -b (--begin) and in incremental log
parsing mode.
- Remove duration part from log format auto-detection. Thanks to
Guillaume Lelarge for the report.
- Fix a performance issue on prettifying SQL queries that makes pgBagder
several time slower that usual to generate the HTML output. Thanks to
Vincent Laborie for the report.
- Add missing SQL::Beautify paternity.
- Add 'binary' format as input/output format. The binary output format
allows to save log statistics in a non human readable file instead of
an HTML or text file. These binary files might then be used as regular
input files, combined or not, to produce a html or txt report. Thanks
to Jehan Guillaume de Rorthais for the patch.
- Remove port from the session regex pattern to match all lines.
- Fix the progress bar. It was trying to use gunzip to get real file
size for all formats (by default). Unbreak the bz2 format (that does
not report real size) and add support for zip format. Thanks to Euler
Taveira de Oliveira fort the patch.
- Fix some typos and grammatical issues. Thanks to Euler Taveira de
Oliveira fort the patch.
- Improve SQL code highlighting and keywords detection merging change
from pgFormatter project.
- Add support to hostname or ip address in the client detection. Thanks
to stuntmunkee for the report.
- pgbadger will now only reports execute statement of the extended
protocol (parse/bind/execute). Thanks to pierrestroh for the report.
- Fix numerous typos as well as formatting and grammatical issues.
Thanks to Thom Brown for the patch.
- Add backward compatibility to obsolete --client command line option.
If you were using the short option -c nothing is changed.
- Fix issue with --dbclient and %h in log_line_prefix. Thanks to Julien
Rouhaud for the patch.
- Fix multiline progress bar output.
- Allow usage of a dash into database, user and application names when
prefix is used. Thanks to Vipul for the report.
- Mouse over queries will now show in which database they are executed
in the overviews (Slowest queries, Most frequent queries, etc. ).
Thank to Dirk-Jan Bulsink for the feature request.
- Fix missing keys on %cur_info hash. Thanks to Marc Cousin for the
- Move opening file handle to log file into a dedicated function.
Thanks to Marc Cousin for the patch.
- Replace Ctrl+M by printable \r. Thanks to Marc Cousin for the report.

2012-11-13 - Version 2.2

This release add some major features like tsung output, speed improvement with
csvlog, report of shut down events, new command line options to generate report
excluding some user(s), to build report based on select queries only, to specify
regex of the queries that must only be included in the report and to remove
comments from queries. Lot of bug fixes, please upgrade.

- Update PostgreSQL keywords list for 9.2
- Fix number of queries in progress bar with tsung output.
- Remove obsolete syslog-ng and temporary syslog-ll log format added to
fix some syslog autodetection issues. There is now just one syslog
format: syslog, differences between syslog formats are detected and
the log parser is adaptive.
- Add comment about the check_incremental_position() method
- Fix reports with empty graphs when log files were not in chronological
- Add report of current total of queries and events parsed in progress
bar. Thanks to Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais for the patch.
- Force pgBadger to use an require the XS version of Text::CSV instead
of the Pure Perl implementation. It is a good bit faster thanks to
David Fetter for the patch. Note that using csvlog is still a bit
slower than syslog or stderr log format.
- Fix several issue with tsung output.
- Add report of shut down events
- Add debug information on command line used to pipe compressed log
file when -v is provide.
- Add -U | --exclude-user command line option to generate report
excluded user. Thanks to Birta Levente for the feature request.
- Allow some options to be specified multiple time or be written as a
coma separated list of value, here are these options: --dbname,
--dbuser, --dbclient, --dbappname, --exclude_user.
- Add -S | --select-only option to build report only on select queries.
- Add first support to tsung output, see usage. Thanks to Guillaume
Lelarge for the feature request.
- Add --include-query and --include-file to specify regex of the queries
that must only be included in the report. Thanks to Marc Cousin for
the feature request.
- Fix auto detection of log_duration and log_min_duration_statement
- Fix parser issue with Windows logs without timezone information.
Thanks to Nicolas Thauvin for the report.
- Fix bug in %r = remote host and port log line prefix detection.
Thanks to Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski for the report.
- Add -C | --nocomment option to remove comment like /* ... */ from
queries. Thanks to Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski for the feature request.
- Fix escaping of log_line_prefix. Thanks to Hubert Depesz Lubaczewski
for the patch.
- Fix wrong detection of update queries when a query has a object names
containing update and set. Thanks to Vincent Laborie for the report.

2012-10-10 - Version 2.1

This release add a major feature by allowing any custom log_line_prefix to be
used by pgBadger. With stderr output you at least need to log the timestamp (%t)
the pid (%p) and the session/line number (%l). Support to log_duration instead
of log_min_duration_statement to allow reports simply based on duration and
count report without query detail and report. Lot of bug fixes, please upgrade

- Add new --enable-log_min_duration option to force pgbadger to use lines
generated by the log_min_duration_statement even if the log_duration
format is autodetected. Useful if you use both but do not log all queries.
Thanks to Vincent Laborie for the feature request.
- Add syslog-ng format to better handle syslog traces with notation like:
[ID *]. It is autodetected but can be forced in the -f option
with value set to: syslog-ng.
- Add --enable-log_duration command line option to force pgbadger to only
use the log_duration trace even if log_min_duration_statement traces are
- Fix display of empty hourly graph when no data were found.
- Remove query type report when log_duration is enabled.
- Fix a major bug in query with bind parameter. Thanks to Marc Cousin for
the report.
- Fix detection of compressed log files and allow automatic detection
and uncompress of .gz, .bz2 and .zip files.
- Add gunzip -l command to find the real size of a gzip compressed file.
- Fix log_duration only reports to not take care about query detail but
just count and duration.
- Fix issue with compressed csvlog. Thanks to Philip Freeman for the
- Allow usage of log_duration instead of log_min_duration_statement to
just collect statistics about the number of queries and their time.
Thanks to Vincent Laborie for the feature request.
- Fix issue on syslog format and autodetect with additional info like:
[ID *]. Thanks to kapsalar for the report.
- Removed unrecognized log line generated by deadlock_timeout.
- Add missing information about unsupported csv log input from stdin.
It must be read from a file. Thank to Philip Freeman for the report.
- Fix issue #28: Illegal division by zero with log file without query
and txt output. Thanks to rlowe for the report.
- Update documentation about the -N | --appname option.
- Rename --name option into --appname. Thanks to Guillaume Lellarge for
the patch.
- Fix min/max value in xasis that was always represented 2 days by
default. Thanks to Casey Allen Shobe for the report.
- Fix major bug when running pgbadger with the -e option. Thanks to
Casey Allen Shobe for the report and the great help
- Change project url to Thanks to
Damien Clochard for this new hosting.
- Fix lot of issues in CSV parser and force locale to be C. Thanks to
Casey Allen Shobe for the reports.
- Improve speed with custom log_line_prefix.
- Merge pull request #26 from elementalvoid/helpdoc-fix
- Fixed help text for --exclude-file. Old help text indicated that the
option name was --exclude_file which was incorrect.
- Remove the obsolete --regex-user and --regex-db options that was used
to specify a search pattern in the log_line_prefix to find the user
and db name. This is replaced by the --prefix option.
- Replace Time column report header by Hour.
- Fix another issue in log_line_prefix parser with stderr format
- Add a more complex example using log_line_prefix
- Fix log_line_prefix issue when using timepstamp with millisecond.
- Add support to use any custom log_line_prefix with new option -p or
--prefix. See README for an example.
- Fix false autodetection of CSV format when log_statement is enable or
in possible other cases. This was resulting in error: "FATAL: cannot
use CSV". Thanks to Thomas Reiss for the report.
- Fix display of empty graph of connections per seconds
- Allow character : in log line prefix, it will no more break the log
parsing. Thanks to John Rouillard for the report.
- Add report of configuration parameter changes into the errors report
and change errors report by events report to handle important messages
that are not errors.
- Allow pgbadger to recognize " autovacuum launcher" messages.

2012-08-21 - version 2.0

This major version adds some changes not backward compatible with previous
versions. Options -p and -g are not more used as progress bar and graphs
generation are enabled by default now.

The obsolete -l option use to specify the log file to parse has been reused to
specify an incremental file. Outside these changes and some bug fix there's
also new features:

    * Using an incremental file with -l option allow to parse multiple time a
      single log file and to "seek" at the last line parsed during the previous
      run. Useful if you have a log rotation not sync with your pgbadger run.
      For exemple you can run somthing like this:

pgbadger `find /var/log/postgresql/ -name "postgresql*" -mtime -7 -type f` \
-o report_`date +%F`.html -l /var/run/pgbadger/last_run.log

    * All queries diplayed in the HTML report are now clickable to display or
      hide a nice SQL query format. This is called SQL format beautifier.

    * CSV log parser have been entirely rewritten to handle csv with multiline.

Every one should upgrade.

- Change license from BSD like to PostgreSQL license. Request from
Robert Treat.
- Fix wrong pointer on Connections per host menu. Reported by Jean-Paul
- Small fix for sql formatting adding scrollbars. Patch by Julien
- Add SQL format beautifier on SQL queries. When you will click on a
query it will be beautified. Patch by Gilles Darold
- The progress bar is now enabled by default, the -p option has been
removed. Use -q | --quiet to disable it. Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Graphs are now generated by default for HTML output, option -g as
been remove and option -G added to allow disabling graph generation.
Request from Julien Rouhaud, patch by Gilles Darold.
- Remove option -g and -p to the documentation. Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Fix case sensitivity in command line options. Patch by Julien Rouhaud.
- Add -T|--title option to change report title. Patch by Yury Bushmelev.
- Add new option --exclude-file to exclude specific commands with regex
stated in a file. This is a rewrite by Gilles Darold of the neoeahit
(Vipul) patch.
- CSV log parser have been entirely rewritten to handle csv with multi
line, it also adds approximative duration for csvlog. Reported by
Ludhimila Kendrick, patch by Gilles Darold.
- Alphabetical reordering of options list in method usage() and
documentation. Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Remove obsolete -l | --logfile command line option, the -l option
will be reused to specify an incremental file. Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Add -l | --last-parsed options to allow incremental run of pgbadger.
Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Replace call to timelocal_nocheck by timegm_nocheck, to convert date
time into second from the epoch. This should fix timezone issue.
Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Change regex on log parser to allow missing ending space in
log_line_prefix. This seems a common mistake. Patch by Gilles Darold.
- print warning when an empty log file is found. Patch by Gilles Darold.
- Add perltidy rc file to format pgbadger Perl code. Patch from depesz.

2012-07-15 - version 1.2

This version adds some reports and fixes a major issue in log parser. Every one
should upgrade.

- Rewrite this changelog to be human readable.
- Add -v | --verbose to enable debug mode. It is now disable by default
- Add hourly report of checkpoint warning when checkpoints are occuring
too frequently, it will display the hourly count and the average
occuring time.
- Add new report that sums the messages by log types. The report shows
the number of messages of each log type, and a percentage. It also
displays a pie graph. Patch by Guillaume Lelarge.
- Add missing pie graph on locks by type report.
- Format pie mouse track to display values only.
- Fix graph download button id on new connection graph.
- Add trackFormatter to flotr2 line graphs to show current x/y values.
- Fix issue on per minute minimum value.
- Add a note about Windows Os and zcat as well as a more general note
about using compressed log file in other format than gzip.
- Complete rewrite of the log parser to handle unordered log lines.
Data are now stored by pid before and added to the global statistics
at end. Error report now include full details, statements, contexts
and hints when available. Deadlock are also fully reported with the
concerned queries.
- Fix miss handling of multi lines queries on syslog.
- Add -a|--average option to configure the per minutes average interval
for queries and connexions. If you want the average to be calculated
each minutes instead of the 5 per default, use --average 1 or for the
default --average 5. If you want average per hour set it to 60.
- Add hourly statistics of connections and sessions as well as a chart
about the number of connection per second (5 minutes average).
- Allow OTHERS type of queries lower than 2% to be include in the sum of
types < 2%.
- Add autodetection of syslog ident name if different than the default
"postgres" and that there is just one ident name in the log.
- Remove syslog replacement of tabulation by #011 still visible when
there was multiple tabulation.
- Fix autodetection of log format syslog with single-digit day number
in date.
- Add ChangeLog to MANIFEST and change URI in html footer.
- Check pgBadger compatibility with Windows Oses. Run perfectly.

2012-07-04 - version 1.1

This release fixes lot of issues and adds several main features.

    New feature:

- Add possibility to get log from stdin
- Change syslog parsing regex to allow log timestamp in log_line_prefix
very often forgotten when log destination is changed from stderr to
- Add documentation for the -z | --zcat command line option.
- Allow `zcat` location to be specified via `--zcat` - David E. Wheeler
- Add --disable-session,--disable-connection and disable-checkpoint
command line options to remove their respective reports from the
- Add --disable-query command line option to remove queries statistics
from the output
- Add --disable-hourly command line option to remove hourly statistics
from the output
- Add --disable-error command line option to remove error report from
the output
- Add --exclude-query option to exclude types of queries by specifying
a regex
- Set thousand separator and decimal separator to be locale dependant
- Add -w option to only report errors
- Add Makefile.PL and full POD documentation to the project
- Allow multiple log files from command line
- Add simple csvlog support - Alex Hunsaker
- Hourly report for temporary files and checkpoints have moved in a
separate table.
- Add hourly connections and sessions statistics.
- Add a chart about the number of connections per seconds.

    Bug fix:

- Add information about log format requirement (lc_message = 'C').
Reported by Alain Benard.
- Fix for begin/end dates with single digit day using syslog. Patch by
Joseph Marlin.
- Fix handle of syslog dates with single-digit day number. Patch by
Denis Orlikhin.
- Fix many English syntax in error messages and documentation. Patch by
Joseph Marlin.
- Fix non terminated TH html tag in checkpoint hourly table. Reported
by Joseph Marlin.
- "Log file" section will now only report first and last log file parsed
- Fix empty output in hourly temporary file stats.
- Fix wrapping query that goes out of the table and makes the window
scroll horizontally. Asked by Isaac Reuben.
- Fix code where != was replaced by $$CLASSSY0A$$!=$$CLASSSY0B$$ in the
output. Reported by Isaac Reuben
- Fix and review text report output.
- Fix an issue in SQL code highligh replacement.
- Complete review of the HTML output.
- Add .gitignore for swap files. Patch by Vincent Picavet
- Fix wrong variable for user and database filter. Patch by Vincent
- Change default regexp for user and db to be able to detect both. Patch
by Vincent Picavet.
- Fix false cur_date when using syslog and allow -b and -e options to
work. Patch by Vincent Picavet.
- Fix some case where logs where not detected as PostgreSQL log lines.
- Added explanation for --begin and --end datetime setting. Patch by
- Added -v / --version. Patch by ragged.
- Fix usage information and presentation in README file.

2012-05-04 - version to 1.0

  First public release of pgBadger.

    New feature:

- Add graph of ckeckpoint Wal files usage (added, removed, recycled).
- Add --image-format to allow the change of the default png image
format to jpeg.
- Allow download of all pie graphics as images.
  - Add --pie-limit to sum all data lower than this percentage limit to
avoid label overlap.
  - Allow download of graphics as PNG images.
- Replace GD::Graph by the Flotr2 javascript library to draw graphics.
Patch by Guillaume Lelarge
- Add pie graphs for session, database, user and host. Add a --quiet
option to remove debug output and --progress to show a progress bar
during log parsing
- Add pie graph for Queries by type.
- Add graph for checkpoint write buffer per hours
- Allow log parsing without any log_line_prefix and extend it to be
defined by the user. Custom log_line prefix can be parsed using user
defined regex with command line option --regex-db and --regex-user.
For exemple the default regex of pgbadger to parse user and db name
from log_line_prefix can be written like this:
pgbadger -l mylogfile.log --regex-user="user=([^,]*)," \
- Separe log_line_prefix from log level part in the parser to extend
log_line_prefix parsing
- If there is just one argument, assume it is the logfile and use
default value for all other parameters
- Add autodetection of log format (syslog or stderr) if none is given
with option -f
- Add --outfile option to dump output to a file instead of stdout.
Default filename is out.html or out.txt following the output format.
To dump to stdout set filename to -
- Add --version command line option to show current pgbadger version.

    Bug fix:

- Rearrange x and y axis
- Fix legend opacity on graphics
- Rearrange Overall stats view
- Add more "normalization" on errors messages
- Fix samples error with normalyzed error instead of real error message
- Fix an other average size of temporary file decimal limit
- Force quiet mode when --progress is used
- Fix per sessions graphs
- Fix sort order of days/hours into hours array
- Fix sort order of days into graphics
- Remove display of locks, sessions and connections statistics when none
are available
- Fix display of empty column of checkpoint when no checkpoint was found
in log file

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