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!!! warning

temBoard UI 8.0 is compatible with temBoard agent 7.11 to ease migration.
Upgrade UI first and then upgrade agents one at a time.

temBoard agent 8 is **NOT** compatible with temBoard UI 7.11.

This release requires specific upgrade instructions.
See [Server Upgrade]( and [Agent Upgrade]( for details.

Breaking changes

  • temBoard UI dropped support for Internet Explorer 8. You may have issues with browsers older than 5 years.
  • Dropped support for PostgreSQL 9.5 and 9.4. For both UI and agent.
  • Dropped key-only authentication on agent. Access to UI grants full access on managed agent.
  • New CLI for both UI and agent. temboard and temboard-agent are the single CLI entrypoints.
    • Removed temboard --debug CLI option.
    • Dropped commands temboard-agent-adduser and temboard-agent-password.
    • Commands temboard-migratedb, temboard-agent-register are moved as subcommands of temboard and temboard-agent.
  • temBoard UI dropped push-metrics handler from pre-6.0 push metric collect.
  • temBoard UI RPM does not execute upon installation.
  • temBoard UI RPM does not create temboard UNIX user. Use instead.
  • temBoard Agent RPM does not create postgres UNIX user. Use PostgreSQL packages instead.
  • Packages does not provide logrotate configuration anymore. temBoard can still log to file.
  • pg_ctl agent parameter must not be quoted now, in temboard-agent.conf.
  • Agent now requires a parameter: the UI url.
  • temBoard agent does not provide legacy single-installation systemd unit file temboard-agent.service in favor of temboard-agent@.service.
  • temBoard agent debian package does not provide legacy temboard-agent.init SysV script. Use sytemd instead.
  • temBoard agent now generates a single configuration file instead of temboard-agent.conf.d/auto.conf.
  • temBoard agent does not configure file logging anymore.
  • Dropped temBoard agent HTTP endpoint /monitoring/probe/*, some /dashboard/ probes and more. Use temboard routes and temboard-agent routes to inspect availables HTTP URLs.
  • Docker image for agent now configures agent with temBoard agent configuration moved from /etc/temboard-agent to /etc/temboard-agent/<cluster_name>.


  • Running temBoard UI with Python 2.7 and Python 3.5 is deprecated. All RPM and deb packages ships with Python 3.
  • Debian stretch support is deprecated (EOL June 2022).

New Features

  • PostgreSQL 15 support.
  • Unified authentication. Signing in UI open full DBA access to agents, without double login.
  • Register instance without querying UI API using temboard register-instance.
  • Download instance inventory as CSV.
  • Automatically refresh introspection data from agent.
  • New About temBoard page with detailed installation's informations.
  • New About instance page with PostgreSQL, system and agent informations.
  • OpenMetrics endpoint. Accessible using temBoard UI as authenticating proxy to agent.
  • RHEL9, Debian Bookworm (testing) packages.
  • Increase agent OOM score with systemd.
  • Restyled documentation with improved search and navigation.


  • Each temBoard release has it's own docker tag. e.g. dalibo/temboard:8.0, dalibo/temboard:8.0rc1, etc. See Docker Hub repositories dalibo/temboard and dalibo/temboard-agent.
  • Streamlined docker images, basing on Debian Bullseye, with temBoard installed with APT instead of pip.
  • Restart scheduler and worker pool background processes on crash.
  • Improved error logging. Log format is now Postgres-like.

UI changes

  • Sign agent requests with an asymetric cryptographic key. New agent does not require double authentification anymore.
  • New command temboard generate-key for generating signing key.
  • New database migration engine. Dropped dependency on Alembic, Mako, etc.
  • Move temboard-migratedb as temboard migratedb subcommand.
  • New command temboard tasks flush to flush old tasks when upgrading.
  • Fast collect of monitoring and statements metrics upon agent registration.
  • Format PostgreSQL start time in dashboard as relative date.
  • temBoard UI waits for locks in monitoring collect. Abort long collect task. New parameter [monitoring] collect_max_duration.
  • temBoard UI now has API key authorization, use for /metrics proxy to agent.
  • New temBoard UI parameter [auth] allowed_ip to restrict API Key authorization. By default, only 127/8 is allowed.
  • Improved refresh error handling in dashboard, activity and home page. Error are now inlined instead of modal.
  • temBoard UI now accept to serve plain HTTP. For development purpose.
  • New commands temboard query-agent, temboard routes, temboard tasks run, temboard tasks schedule and temboard web for debugging.
  • Handle SIGCHLD in temboard UI too. No more zombies.
  • Limit activity view to 300 longest queries.

Agent changes

  • Unified authentification: agent now uses UI as source of identity.
  • Dropped users file and related configuration.
  • New command temboard-agent fetch-key to accept UI signing key.
  • New option: [temboard] ui_url, pointing to UI URL.
  • conditionnaly enable statements plugins.
  • Move temboard-agent-register as temboard-agent register subcommand.
  • New command temboard-agent discover to introspect temBoard agent, system and PostgreSQL.
  • Refresh discover data on startup and Postgres connection recovery.
  • temBoard agent pools connections to PostgreSQL used by web API, reducing connections stress on PostgreSQL.
  • Heavily reduction of connection opened by dashboard.
  • Drop agent configuration postgresql:instance in favor of Postgres setting cluster_name.
  • Add new unified sessions and detailed locks endpoint.
  • temBoard agent now depends on cryptography and bottle.
  • New subcommands temboard-agent routes, temboard-agent tasks run and temboard-agent web for debugging.
  • Monitoring purge_after default value is now set to 730 (2 years), it was empty before (no limit).


Released on 2022-05-23

  • Fix heap bloat probe.
  • Fix statements not purged.
  • Collect metrics by agent batch. Huge performance boost.
  • Log HTTP request response time.
  • Check agent key on registration.
  • docker: New tag 7 for stable branch.
  • docker: Reduce image size using multi-stage build.


  • docker: Fix build.
  • docker: Properly stop container on failure.


Released on 2022-02-22

  • Fix performances issues with monitoring.
  • Show runtime libpq version in logs and --version.
  • Authenticate with agent using both header and query arg. 8.0 will remove query arg auth.
  • Packages for bullseye for both UI and agent.
  • Drop jessie package.
  • Always set application_name.


  • Fix database ownership on creation.
  • Fix first collector run failure on new agent.
  • Fix tracebacks when an agent is down.
  • Fix 'null' instance comment with auto register.
  • Ship a /usr/share/temboard/sql/reassign.sql script to fix ownership.
  • Define a shell to temboard UNIX user.
  • Review defaults temBoard user groups.
  • Optionnal performance tracing in temBoard UI logs.
  • Moving to Python3 on stretch, buster and bullseye.
  • Drop another tooltip breaking dropdown menu.
  • Monitoring: Time SQL queries for archive and aggregation.
  • systemctl reload temboard now reload temBoard configuration.


  • Fix database probes always executed on same database.
  • Reduce reconnexion in monitoring probes.
  • Explicitily requires psycopg2 2.7+ on debian.
  • Ignore loopback and tmpfs file systems.
  • Drop Python2 support
  • Build RHEL8 package with RockyLinux 8.


Released on 2022-01-03

  • Support PostgreSQL 14.
  • Fix deadlock in monitoring.
  • Fix UI glitches.
  • Restructured documentation.
  • Improved logging messages.
  • Dropped Debian Jessie support.
  • agent: Monitor only local filesystem size.
  • agent: Set umask 027 in
  • agent: Details components version in temboard-agent --version output.
  • agent: Fix sysv init script shipped on systemd by debian package.


Released on 2021-02-10

  • Fix wrong column name in SQL for chartdata for rollback transactions (monitoring) @pgiraud


Released on 2021-01-12

  • Return valid JSON if no result is returned by postgres (monitoring) @pgiraud


Released on 2020-12-15

  • Take userid into account for statdata query @pgiraud
  • Fix daterange picker behavior @pgiraud


Released on 2020-10-15

  • Commit after alert processing @bersace


Released on 2020-09-29


  • Extension btree_gist is not required anymore @pgiraud
  • Various packaging fixes @dlax


Released on 2020-09-29


  • Fixed bug in wheel generation @pgiraud.


Released on 2020-09-28



  • Improved performance of the home page (instances list), by @pgiraud.
  • Activity filters are kept, by @pgiraud.
  • Better support for history navigation in monitoring, by @pgiraud.
  • Don't highlight short idle_in_transaction queries, by @pgiraud.
  • Added comment field for instance settings, by @pgiraud.
  • Allow users to choose the refresh interval (whenever a date range picker is used), by @pgiraud.
  • Agent: support for RHEL/CentOS 6 has been dropped.
  • Agent: support for RHEL/CentOS 8 has been added.


  • Agent scripts now use the Python interpreter of their installation, not the first found in env, by @bersace.

Older releases


Released on 2020-08-07


  • Alembic version table is now hosted in application schema, by @bersace.


  • Always using TLS even if set to False, by @bersace.
  • SMTP port misinterpreted, by @bersace.
  • Authenticate with empty login or password, by @bersace.
  • Double error with unserializable error in worker, by @bersace.
  • Test PG access by temboard role after repo creation, by @l00ptr


Released on 2020-06-15

Fixed compatibility with old Alembic 0.8.3 shipped on RHEL7, by @bersace.


Released on 2020-06-15

This release requires a special step before restarting temBoard. Please read upgrade to 6.0 documentation.


  • Full PostgreSQL 12 support, including monitoring and configuration, by @pgiraud.
  • Search config temboard.conf default config file in working directory by @bersace.
  • temBoard repository schema is now versionned, by @bersace.
  • Load external plugins from setuptools entrypoint temboard.plugins, by @orgrim.
  • Debian Buster testing & packaging, by @bersace.
  • Agent: script to clean an agent installation, by @bersace.


  • Double loading of legacy plugins, by @bersace.
  • Impossibility to delete instance with SQLAlchemy < 1, by @pgiraud.
  • Impossibility to schedule ANALYZE, VACCUM or REINDEX, by @bersace.
  • Fix list of scheduled tasks in maintenance plugin, by @pgiraud.


  • Default configuration file is not required, by @bersace.
  • Log error message when alert processing fails, by @bersace.
  • Agent: refuses to overwrite existing configuration, by @bersace.


Released on 2020-04-16


  • Purge policy for monitoring data by @julmon
  • Pull mode: temboard server can now pull monitoring data from the agents by @julmon


  • Agent does not support push mode anymore @julmon


  • Performances improvements of asynchronous task management by @julmon


Released on 2019-06-26


  • Support for reindex on table and database by @pgiraud
  • Support for analyze/vacuum for database by @pgiraud
  • Send notifications by SMS or email on state changes by @pgiraud



  • Removed user notifications from dashboard by @pgiraud


  • Prevent endless chart height increase on Chrome 75 by @pgiraud
  • Restrict access to instance to authorized users by @julmon
  • Remove monitoring data when removing an instance by @pgiraud
  • Move metric_cpu_record.time to BIGINT by @julmon


Released on 2019-03-20


  • Full screen mode for home page by @pgiraud
  • Full screen mode for dashboard by @pgiraud
  • Limit double authentication to not read only APIs by @pgiraud
  • Maintenance plugin by @pgiraud
  • Collapsible sidebar by @pgiraud
  • New monitoring probes: replication lag and connection, temporary files by @julmon
  • UI functional tests by @bersace
  • Support Tornado 4.4 and 5 by @bersace
  • Add auto configuration script by @bersace
  • Show number of waiting/blocking req in activity tabs by @pgiraud
  • Show availability status on home page by @pgiraud



  • pg_hba.conf and pg_ident.conf edition removed from pgconf plugin by @pgiraud


  • Avoid monitoring data to get stuck in agent sending queue by @julmon
  • Documentation cleaning and updates by @bersace
  • Limit useless rollback statements on read only queries (repository database) by @pgiraud