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PostgreSQL Workshops

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This project contains various PostgreSQL workshops including slides, handouts or exercises. This was initially produced by dalibo and it's now available to everyone under the PostgreSQL License.

The content is written in markdown using a specific set of SYNTAX rules.

We use pandoc to export this content in various format. For now the following formats are supported : reveal slides (HTML), PDF, EPUB, doc.

The workshops are available in 2 languages:

Any other translation is welcome !


We built a dedicated docker image to compile this content. See the QUICKSTART guide for more details.

Alternavely you can also INSTALL the entire debian/pandoc/latex toolchain.


Each workshop is contained in a single markdown file (for instance fr/ )

You can export the content using make by specifying the file extension you want

make fr/100-postgresql_10.html
make fr/100-postgresql_10.epub
make fr/100-postgresql_10.pdf

You can also build all workshops in all formats with:

make all


This is an open project. You can CONTRIBUTE in many ways:

  • declare a bug
  • fix a typo
  • translate
  • submit a brand new workshop
  • etc.