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# Print a diff summary like:
# $ git diff 'master~10..master' | gn
# 293 lines of diff
# 185 lines added
# 19 lines removed
# +166 lines net change
import sys, os, re, fileinput
def get_lines(diff_lines):
# Added lines start with '+' (but not '+++', because that marks a new
# file). The same goes for removed lines, except '-' instead of '+'.
added_lines = [line for line in diff_lines
if line.startswith('+') and not line.startswith('+++')]
removed_lines = [line for line in diff_lines
if line.startswith('-') and not line.startswith('---')]
return added_lines, removed_lines
if __name__ == '__main__':
diff_lines = list(fileinput.input())
added_lines, removed_lines = get_lines(diff_lines)
print '%i lines of diff' % len(diff_lines)
print '%i lines added' % len(added_lines)
print '%i lines removed' % len(removed_lines)
print '%+i lines net change' % (len(added_lines) - len(removed_lines))
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