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Investec .NET Standard 2.1 REST Client

This client library enables client applications to connect to Investec's Open Banking aligned OpenAPIs. For more information, refer to


Register and configure the service with the AddInvestecOpenBankingClientService extension method.

.AddInvestecOpenBankingClientService(options =>
                    options.ClientId = "YourClientId";
                    options.ClientSecret = "YourClientSecret";

Inject or resolve the client service.

var investecOpenBankingClient = serviceProvider.GetService<IInvestecOpenBankingClient>();

Interact with the required endpoints.

// Get all accounts from Investec API
var accounts = await _investecOpenBankingClient.GetAccounts();
// Get the accountId for the first account that is a Private Bank Account
var accountId = =>
                f.product == AccountsResponseModel.AccountProducts.PrivateBankAccount)?.accountId;
// Get all transactions for the last 180 days from Investec API
var latestTransactions = await _investecOpenBankingClient.GetAccountTransactions(accountId);

Install via

Install-Package Lionelcc.Investec.OpenBanking

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