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partition battles by week

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commit 8458ad090479f9a107e38d7569e96987dc6b88e6 1 parent a354ebe
@dalkvist authored
Showing with 12 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +12 −8 src/bf3/core.clj
20 src/bf3/core.clj
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
[bf3.db :only [get-ts-users get-bl-users get-battle]]
[ :only [parse-info]]
- [ :only [battle-info merge-infos]]
+ [ :only[battle-info merge-infos]]
[cheshire.core :only [encode generate-string]])
(:require (compojure [route :as route])
(ring.util [response :as response])
@@ -390,25 +390,29 @@
[:a {:href (str "http://" host "/live/" (:server battle))}
"go live"]))
(show-live-info (dissoc battle :live)))))))
-(defn- get-battles []
+(defn- get-battles [weeks]
(let [data (redis/get-data "gc-battles")]
(when (or (not data) (and (number? (:time data))
(> (clj-time.coerce/to-long (clj-time.core/now)) (:time data))))
(future (redis/set-data
{:time (+ *short-cache-time* (clj-time.coerce/to-long (clj-time.core/now)))
- :data (->> (client/get (str ""
+ :data (->> (client/get (str "" weeks
"?" (encode-params {:host (get (:headers (req/ring-request)) "host" "")})))
(:data data)))
(def battles (mem/memo-ttl get-battles *short-cache-time*))
-(defpage "/gc/battles" []
+(defpage "/gc/battles" {:keys [weeks] :or {weeks 0}}
- (html5 (battles)))
+ (html5 (battles weeks)))
-(defpage "/gc/battles/:weeks" {:keys [testservers host server weeks] :or {testservers false
+(defpage "/gc/battles/:weeks" {:keys [weeks] :or {weeks 0}}
+ (html5 (battles weeks)))
+(defpage "/gc/real-battles/" {:keys [testservers host server weeks] :or {testservers false
server false
host ((:headers (req/ring-request)) "host")
weeks 0}}
@@ -430,7 +434,8 @@
"return false;});"
- (into [:div#battles]
+ (into [:div#battles [:p "To help with slow the loading, battles are now partitioned by weeks. "
+ "Use gc/battles/\"nr of weeks ago\" for previous weeks, gc/battles/1 gives last week etc"]]
(for [btls (battle-info :weeks (try (Integer/parseInt weeks) (catch Exception ex 0)))]
(into [:ul.battles]
(for [battle btls]
@@ -580,5 +585,4 @@
(defn -main [& m]
(server/add-middleware cache-battles)
(let [port (Integer/parseInt (get (System/getenv) "PORT" "8081"))]
- (System/setProperty "" "true")
(reset! server (server/start port))))
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