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I am a Heroku buildpack that installs Protocol Buffers). I was built by stripping down heroku-buildpack-mapnik

When used with heroku-buildpack-multi, I enable subsequent buildpacks / steps to link to these libraries. (You'll need to use the build-env branch of @mojodna's fork for the build environment (CPATH, LIBRARY_PATH, etc.) to be set correctly.)

Note: Python bindings are not currently included.

When creating a new Heroku app:

heroku apps:create -b

cat << EOF > .buildpacks

git push heroku master

When modifying an existing Heroku app:

heroku config:set BUILDPACK_URL=

cat << EOF > .buildpacks

git push heroku master


You can build the protobuf lib by taking a look at, the comment at the top explains how to build via anvil (the heroku build service). When executed successfully, anvil will print a URL where the built binaries will be available from.


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