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added description of output/input in the doc

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1 parent 086b23f commit e10fb724f9739bd2db0281eaa7d44b46b674d0ca @dalloliogm committed Dec 12, 2008
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BIN data/
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BIN results/
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10 src/
@@ -5,9 +5,13 @@
python --genes <genes_file> --window <sliding windows results file> --output <output file>
->>> from StringIO import StringIO # This module is to create fake files,
-... # to be used for testing purposes.
-... # don't worry about it.
+The genes file contains the start and end coordinates of every gene.
+The sliding_windows_file contains the coordinates of sliding windows that have been run over the same
+sequences in the gene file.
+The output of this script is a file in which the sliding windows which fall inside a gene have been selected.
+>>> from StringIO import StringIO # don't worry about this statement
>>> genes_file = StringIO('''
... #Gene Position initial.pos Final.pos
... B3GALT1 chr1 1000 2000

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