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Added BUILDPACK_PRELAUNCH_METEOR guard to toggle the pre launching of…

… Meteor, needed to create the assets for packages that need them (Workaround to meteor/meteor#2606).
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dalloro committed Feb 10, 2015
1 parent 991eb4d commit 06d675432cb2623d9870adc3df85a82a03f61085
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@@ -46,6 +46,16 @@ subdirectories. Those directories are added to ``$PATH`` and
So ``$COMPILE_DIR/bin`` etc are great places to put any extra binaries or stuff
if you need to in custom extras.

## Workarounds

Meteor is under active developement, recent changes in its core broke support for
certain meteor packages designed to access their own assets at first run. The issue
has been reported on, but it may take
a while to have it fixed. In the meanwhile you can circumvent the problem by setting
the following variable in your Heroku Config Vars:


## Why horse?

There are a gazillian forks and branches of various buildpacks remixing the
@@ -63,7 +63,9 @@ HOME=$METEOR_DIR $METEOR remove-platform ios android
# Also remember to use 'heroku stack:set cedar-14' to allow certain recompiled
# packages to use the newer version memcpy that ships with a more recent version
# of glibc (contained in cedar-14)
HOME=$METEOR_DIR timeout -s9 60 $METEOR --settings settings.json || true
if [ -n "${BUILDPACK_PRELAUNCH_METEOR+1}" ]; then

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yourcelf Feb 10, 2015

Could this be simplified to if [ -n $BUILDPACK_PRELAUNCH_METEOR ]; then? There might be a good reason for the way you have it, but if we it's just as good a little leaner, I'd be all for that.

HOME=$METEOR_DIR timeout -s9 60 $METEOR --settings settings.json || true
# </hack>


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