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Portfolio Summary

A collection of projects done inside and outside of Shawnee State University, using a large variety of programming languages. Not all my work is here, but among these various samples are some of my favorite projects! Feel free to use any of the work found directly in this respository for personal or educational uses.

Personal Website

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Table of Contents

Industry Software Projects

Yost Bird Demo - Industry Project - 2018

alt text

Unity3D demo project to show off Yost Labs sensor technology in a virtual and interactive world.

  • Technologies: Unity3D, C#, ShaderLab, SteamVR, HTC Vive, C Extending, Embedded Hardware
  • Completion Time: 2 Weeks
  • More Information: Image Repositiory | Company Website

Beyond Critical - SSU Senior Project - 2019

alt text

Unity3D release title for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Yost Step Tracking - Industry Project - 2017

alt text

Inertial Motion Sensor firmware feature that uses inertial data to replace GPS location and step tracking with a relative and offline packaged solution.

  • Technologies: Python, C++, C Extending, Embedded Hardware, Intertial Motion Sensors, MATLab, SciPy
  • Completion Time: 10 Months
  • More Information: Video Demo | Company Website

Python Projects

Particle Effects - Class Project - 2015

alt text

My first project in Object Oriented Programming. One of my favorites. Just a pretty particle effects demo!

  • Technologies: Python, PyGame, OOP
  • Completion Time: 2 Day
  • More Information: Project Repository

Gold Runner - Class Project - 2016

alt text

My first team game project using Python to re-create the game "Load Runner" in a 2D minecraft theme.

Singularity - Personal Project - 2017

alt text

An award winning Game Jam arcarde shooter from a 48-Hour duo jam using Python and Pygame.

UDP Network - Timed Demo - 2017

alt text

UDP Networking project to demonstrate my understanding of networking protocols in under 15 minutes.

  • Technologies: Python, PyGame, UDP Networking, Windows Linux SubSystem (WSL)
  • Completion Time: 15 Minutes
  • More Information: Project Repository

Python Extending - Class Project - 2018

alt text

Python extension and embedding project for the SSUGE Game Engine. The goal was to impliment user scripting.

  • Technologies: Python, Python Extending, Python Embedding, C++
  • Completion Time: 1 Week
  • More Information: Project Repository

Quadtree Compression - Class Project - 2018

alt text

Learned how to use Quadtrees and how they can be used for image compression and decompression.

  • Technologies: Python, C, Quadtrees, Hashmaps
  • Completion Time: 1 Day
  • More Information: Project Repository

C and C++ Projects

C++ Game Engine - Class Project - 2017

alt text

Game engine development project. Using OGRE3D and C++ I created my own scriptable game engine!

  • Technologies: OGRE3D, C++, HLSL, Networking, Visual Studio 2017, Python Extending, Quaternions
  • Completion Time: 8 Months
  • More Information: Project Repository | Gaming Major

Compute Shader Ray Tracer - Class Project - 2018

alt text

Introduction to compute shaders and optimizations with a live and rendered ray tracing project.

  • Technologies: Python, Ray Tracing, Compute Shaders, Intel Intrinsics, OpenGL
  • Completion Time: 1 Week
  • More Information: Project Repository

Intel Intrinsics (SIMD/AVX) - Class Project - 2018

alt text

Introduction to SIMD Intel Intrinsics as well as Intel AVX Intrinsics.

  • Technologies: C++, Intel Intrinsics, SIMD, AVX256
  • Completion Time: 3 Days
  • More Information: Project Repository

Java and Processing Projects

Android Application - Class Project - 2017

alt text

Final project for Android Development class. Used Google APIs to find and locate the nearest restaurants.

  • Technologies: Android Studio, Java, LibGDX, Gradle, Adobe Suite, Google Maps API
  • Completion Time: 2 Weeks
  • More Information: Project Repository

Fractal Trees - Personal Project - 2017

alt text

Processing 3 project meant to introduce me to Processing in order to later teach some friends how to program.

Lorenz Attractor - Personal Project - 2017

alt text

Fun project to experiment with implimenting Wikipedia algorithms. This was based off Chaos Theory.

HTML and JavaScript Projects

Web Application - Personal Project - 2017

alt text

Personal project originally meant to be an Artificial Intellegence. Only the front-end was finished.

  • Technologies: Python, DJango, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, WebStorm, Adobe Suite
  • Completion Time: 2 Months
  • More Information: Project Repository

GitHub Pages - Personal Project - 2018

alt text

A set of personal projects using GitHub Pages, Google Domains, and GSuite to officially host my websites.

Yost Labs Website - Industry Project - 2018

alt text

An industry project for Yost Labs that included the re-design of their ecommerce website and interface.

  • Technologies: WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, FileZilla, Woocommerce
  • Completion Time: 4 Months
  • More Information: Company Website


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