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31_1 What is throat cancer?
31_2 Is throat cancer treatable?
31_3 Tell me about lung cancer.
31_4 What are lung cancer's symptoms?
31_5 Can lung cancer spread to the throat?
31_6 What causes throat cancer?
31_7 What is the first sign of throat cancer?
31_8 Is throat cancer the same as esophageal cancer?
31_9 What's the difference in throat cancer and esophageal cancer's symptoms?
32_1 What are the different types of sharks?
32_2 Are sharks endangered? If so, which species?
32_3 Tell me more about tiger sharks.
32_4 What is the largest shark ever to have lived on Earth?
32_5 What's the biggest shark ever caught?
32_6 What about for great whites?
32_7 Tell me about Mako sharks.
32_8 What are Mako shark adaptations?
32_9 Where do Mako sharks live?
32_10 What do Mako sharks eat?
32_11 How do Mako sharks compare with Tiger sharks for being dangerous?
33_1 Tell me about the Neverending Story film.
33_2 What is the Neverending Story film about?
33_3 How was the Neverending Story film received?
33_4 Did the Neverending Story film win any awards?
33_5 Was the Neverending Story film a book first?
33_6 Who was the author and when was the Neverending Story film published?
33_7 What are the main themes of the Neverending Story film?
33_8 Who are the main characters of the the Neverending Story film?
33_9 What are the differences between the book and movies of the the Neverending Story?
33_10 Did the horse Artax really die?
34_1 Tell me about the Bronze Age collapse.
34_2 What is the evidence for the Bronze Age collapse?
34_3 What are some of the possible causes of the Bronze Age collapse?
34_4 Who were the Sea Peoples during the Bronze Age collapse?
34_5 What was their role in the Bronze Age collapse?
34_6 What other factors led to a breakdown of trade during the Bronze Age collapse?
34_7 What about environmental factors during the Bronze Age collapse?
34_8 What empires survived the Bronze Age collapse?
34_9 What came after the Bronze Age collapse?
35_1 Tell me about the history of toilets.
35_2 Where does the term toilet come from?
35_3 Where and when was the first toilet invented?
35_4 Why do the Brits call a toilet a loo?
35_5 What came before toilets?
35_6 When did indoor versions of toilets become common?
35_7 How many types of toilets are there?
35_8 Why are toilets so important for society?
35_9 What is the role of toilets in film?
36_1 What is the US Electoral College?
36_2 How does the US Electoral College work?
36_3 Tell me about the US Electoral College creation.
36_4 Why was the US Electoral College system chosen?
36_5 How has the US Electoral College changed over time?
36_6 What if the electors don't vote for the pledged candidate?
36_7 How have electors that don't vote for the pledged candidate changed election outcomes?
36_8 Who are the Hamilton Electors and what were the Hamilton Electors trying to do?
36_9 How would the US Electoral College be abolished?
36_10 How does the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact work?
36_11 Is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact legal?
37_1 What was the Stanford Experiment?
37_2 What did the Stanford Experiment show?
37_3 Tell me about the author of the Stanford Experiment.
37_4 Was the Stanford Experiment ethical?
37_5 What are other similar experiments to the Stanford Experiment?
37_6 What happened in the Milgram experiment?
37_7 Why was the Milgram experiment important?
37_8 What were the similarities and differences between the Stanford Experiment and the Milgram experiment?
37_9 What about the BBC experiment?
37_10 What are the key findings of the BBC experiment?
37_11 How did the results of the BBC experiment differ from the Milgram experiment?
37_12 Why was the BBC experiment ended?
38_1 What is Lyme disease?
38_2 How do you get Lyme Disease?
38_3 How does Lyme Disease make you feel?
38_4 What happens if Lyme Disease goes untreated?
38_5 Can Lyme Disease kill you?
38_6 How reliable is the Lyme Disease test?
38_7 Can Lyme Disease be cured?
38_8 What is Chronic Lyme?
39_1 What does it mean to be a vegan?
39_2 What is the environmental argument for being a vegan?
39_3 Do you need milk for strong bones?
39_4 What are other good sources of calcium besides milk?
39_5 If you don't eat any meat, at all, is it bad for you?
39_6 What are good sources of vitamin B12?
39_7 Does being vegan help you lose weight?
39_8 What about the health effects of being vegan versus being vegetarian?
39_9 How does the environmental impact compare between being vegan and being vegetarian?
40_1 What are the origins of popular music?
40_2 What are popular music's characteristics?
40_3 What technological developments enabled popular music?
40_4 When and why did people start taking pop music seriously?
40_5 How has pop music been integrated into music education?
40_6 Describe some of the influential pop bands.
40_7 What makes a song pop punk?
40_8 What is the difference between pop punk and emo?
40_9 How did Britpop change music?
40_10 What are Britpop's roots and what influenced it?
41_1 Why is the drinking age in the US 21 and not 18?
41_2 What were the pros and cons of the the drinking age in the US 21 being and not 18?
41_3 Tell me about the negative health effects of drinking.
41_4 How does binge drinking affect development?
41_5 Can binge drinking damage mental health?
41_6 What are the short and long-term effects of binge drinking on brain chemicals?
41_7 Are alcoholics generally depressed?
41_8 What are the effects on vitamins and minerals on binge drinking?
41_9 Are there any benefits to binge drinking?
42_1 What is Chattanooga famous for?
42_2 What is there to do in downtown Chattanooga?
42_3 Are there tourism activities related to trucks or trains in Chattanooga?
42_4 Are there tourism activities related to Bessie Smith in Chattanooga?
42_5 Can I visit some nearby distilleries around Chattanooga?
42_6 What is Rock City in Chattanooga, and why is it famous?
42_7 Are special events held at Rock City in Chattanooga?
42_8 What kind of food is Chattanooga known for?
43_1 What are some interesting things around Ann Arbor?
43_2 Tell me about when the city of Ann Arbor was founded.
43_3 How does the founding of the city of Ann Arbor relate to the establishment of the University?
43_4 Does the Museum of Art in Ann Arbor have any special collections?
43_5 What is the South Pond Nature Area in Ann Arbor?
43_6 Are there any film festivals in Ann Arbor?
43_7 How about for jazz festivals in Ann Arbor?
43_8 What are popular bars or clubs where I can listen to jazz in Ann Arbor?
44_1 What causes acidic reflux in the morning?
44_2 Does acidic reflux in the morning have long term side effects?
44_3 What is the best OTC for acidic reflux in the morning?
44_4 What are the side effects of long term PPI use?
44_5 Tell me about natural treatments for acid reflux in the morning.
44_6 What foods cause acidic reflux in the morning?
44_7 What ones reduce acidic reflux in the morning?
44_8 How does exercise affect acidic reflux in the morning?
45_1 What dog breed is the best for playing?
45_2 What kind of dog breed should I get if I’m allergic?
45_3 How about big and active dogs?
45_4 Do big dogs live longer than small dogs?
45_5 Will I need to put a lot of time into training a dog?
45_6 Tell me about some dog breeds that are independent and can be left home all day.
45_7 How much does a Irish Wolfhound weigh?
45_8 How much do Irish Wolfhounds cost?
46_1 Why is learning a second language difficult?
46_2 At what age is learning a second language harder and why?
46_3 If I already know English, which language would be the easiest to learn?
46_4 How can I begin learning Norwegian as a second language?
46_5 Is Norwegian easier to learn than Spanish?
46_6 What other languages are closest to Norwegian?
46_7 Describe some of Norwegian's similarities with Danish.
46_8 How did the English, Spanish, Norwegian, and Danish languages evolve?
46_9 How is Germanic related to Old Norse?
46_10 Are there advantages of knowing multiple languages?
47_1 Why is Boise called the city of trees?
47_2 How did Boise get its name?
47_3 What is there to do in the summer in Boise?
47_4 What are popular hiking trails in Boise?
47_5 Tell me about the Oregon Trail Reserve in Boise.
47_6 Tell me about the history of the Boise Greenbelt.
47_7 What is the controversy around the Boise Greenbelt?
48_1 What is the main function of a virtual machine?
48_2 What are a virtual machine's advantages?
48_3 Describe some of a virtual machine's disadvantages.
48_4 How do virtual machines work?
48_5 What are the main types of Virtual Machines?
48_6 What is the role of virtual machines in cloud computing?
48_7 How is a container different than a virtual machine?
48_8 What is the advantage of Docker?
48_9 How is Docker related Kurbenetes?
49_1 How was Netflix started?
49_2 How did Netflix originally work?
49_3 What is Netflix's relationship with Blockbuster?
49_4 When did Netflix shift from DVDs to a streaming service?
49_5 What are Netflix's other competitors than Blockbuster?
49_6 How does Netflix compare to Amazon Prime Video?
49_7 Describe Netflix's subscriber growth over time.
49_8 How has Netflix changed the way TV is watched?
49_9 How has Netflix impacted society?
49_10 How has Netflix impacted dating and relationships?
50_1 What was the first artificial satellite?
50_2 What are the types of satellite orbits?
50_3 What are the important classes of artificial satellites?
50_4 How do satellite navigation systems work?
50_5 What is the Galileo system and why is it important?
50_6 Why did the Galileo system create tension with the US?
50_7 What are Cubesats?
50_8 What are Cubesats' advantages?
50_9 What are Cubesats used for?
50_10 What is Cubesats' future?
51_1 How do I save for a child’s college education in the US?
51_2 What is a 529 plan?
51_3 How does a 529 plan work?
51_4 What are the main advantages of a 529 plan?
51_5 What about disadvantages of a 529 plan?
51_6 How long have 529 plans been around?
51_7 What are the types of 529 plans?
51_8 What can the 529 plans funds be used for?
51_9 What happens if the 529 plans funds are not used?
51_10 How does a ESA compare to a a 529 plan?
52_1 Describe the Afra tanker scale.
52_2 Why was the Afra tanker scale developed?
52_3 What are supertankers?
52_4 Describe supertankers' invention.
52_5 What are the important factors led to supertankers' development?
52_6 What was the role of the Six-Day War in supertankers' development?
52_7 How many barrels can a VLCC ship carry?
52_8 What is the largest VLCC ship in the world?
52_9 What new problem did increased scale create for VLCC ships?
52_10 Describe crude oil washing for supertankers.
53_1 Is Red Bull bad for you?
53_2 Can Red Bull kill you?
53_3 How much Red Bull can you drink in a day?
53_4 What is taurine?
53_5 What are taurine's health effects?
53_6 In general, what are the effects of consuming energy drinks?
53_7 Why are energy drinks harmful when mixed with alcohol?
53_8 What is the argument for energy drinks age restriction to kids?
53_9 Where are energy drinks banned to minors?
54_1 What is worth seeing in Washington D.C.?
54_2 Which Smithsonian museums in Washington D.C. are the most popular?
54_3 Why is the National Air and Space Museum important?
54_4 Is the Spy Museum in Washington D.C. free?
54_5 What is there to do in Washington D.C. after the museums close?
54_6 What is the best time to visit the reflecting pools in Washington D.C.?
54_7 Are there any famous foods in Washington D.C.?
54_8 What is a DC half smoke?
54_9 Tell me about DC half smoke's history.
55_1 Describe the oceanic crust.
55_2 What are the main layers in the oceanic crust?
55_3 How does the oceanic crust differ from the continental crust?
55_4 Which of the oceanic crust and the continental crust is younger and why?
55_5 Where is the youngest oceanic crust found?
55_6 Where is the oldest oceanic crust found?
55_7 What is seafloor spreading?
55_8 What is the significance of seafloor spreading?
55_9 How is ocean crust formed?
55_10 Is ocean crust being recycled?
56_1 What is Darwin’s theory in a nutshell?
56_2 How was Darwin’s theory developed?
56_3 How do sexual and asexual reproduction affect Darwin’s theory?
56_4 How can fossils be used to understand Darwin’s theory?
56_5 What is modern evidence for Darwin’s theory?
56_6 What is the impact of Darwin’s theory on modern biology?
56_7 Compare and contrast microevolution and macroevolution.
56_8 What is the relationship of Darwin's theory to speciation?
57_1 How can you tell if someone is suffering from depression?
57_2 What are common types of depression?
57_3 What causes depression?
57_4 What is the role of brain chemicals in depression?
57_5 Does a lack of sunlight cause depression?
57_6 How can you treat SAD?
57_7 What is the role of melatonin in SAD?
57_8 How are anxiety and depression related?
57_9 What treatments exist for depression?
57_10 What is CBT and how does it work as a treatment for depression?
58_1 What is a real-time database?
58_2 How does a real-time database differ from traditional databases?
58_3 What are the advantages of real-time processing in real-time databases?
58_4 What are examples of important real-time databases?
58_5 What are important applications of real-time databases?
58_6 What are important cloud options for real-time databases?
58_7 Tell me about the Firebase DB.
58_8 How is Firebase DB used in mobile apps?
59_1 Which weekend sports have the most injuries?
59_2 What are the most common types of injuries?
59_3 What is the ACL?
59_4 What is an injury for the ACL?
59_5 Tell me about the RICE method.
59_6 Is there disagreement about the RICE method?
59_7 What is arnica used for in sports injuries?
59_8 What are some ways to avoid sports injuries?
60_1 Tell me about the benefits of yoga.
60_2 Does yoga help in reducing stress?
60_3 What are some of the main types of yoga?
60_4 What type of yoga is best for losing weight?
60_5 What are common poses in Bikram yoga?
60_6 Why is mindful breathing important in yoga?
60_7 Does mindful breathing help relieve asthma?
61_1 Who are The Avengers?
61_2 Tell me about The Avengers' first appearance.
61_3 Who is the most powerful of The Avengers and why?
61_4 What is the relationship of Spider-Man to The Avengers?
61_5 Why is Batman not a member of The Avengers?
61_6 What is an important team in the DC universe?
61_7 Tell me about the origins of the Justice League in the DC universe.
61_8 Who are the important members of the Justice League?
61_9 Did the Justice League or The Avengers come first?
62_1 What is the Surrealism movement in art?
62_2 What are characteristics of the Surrealism movement?
62_3 Tell me about the Surrealism movement's founding.
62_4 Tell me about the series of manifestos in the Surrealism movement.
62_5 How is Surrealism movement different from Dada?
62_6 What is the importance of the Surrealism movement?
62_7 Who are the most famous artists in the Surrealism movement?
62_8 Why did Dali choose surrealism?
62_9 What are Dali's most iconic works?
62_10 Is the Surrealism movement in art still used today?
62_11 What has been the Surrealism movement's impact on other fields?
63_1 What is blockchain?
63_2 What problem does blockchain solve?
63_3 How does blockchain work?
63_4 What are the types of blockchain networks?
63_5 Tell me about blockchain's invention.
63_6 How is blockchain related to cryptocurrencies?
63_7 How is Bitcoin generated?
63_8 How secure is blockchain?
63_9 What are blockchain's other uses in business?
63_10 What are the implications of blockchain for society?
64_1 What are the types of pork ribs?
64_2 What are baby back pork ribs?
64_3 What are the differences between baby back ribs and spareribs?
64_4 What are ways to cook pork ribs?
64_5 How do you cook pork ribs on the bbq?
64_6 Describe the 321 method of cooking pork ribs
64_7 How long do pork ribs take to smoke?
64_8 How do you know when pork ribs are done smoking?
64_9 What is in a typical pork rib bbq rub?
64_10 What’s the best style of sauce for pork ribs?
64_11 What’s in Kansas City style BBQ sauce?
65_1 What is nominal GDP?
65_2 Why is nominal GDP not a good measure?
65_3 What is the between nominal and real GDP?
65_4 How is nominal GDP related to gross national income?
65_5 What is the meaning of GNI?
65_6 How is inflation affected by high GDP growth?
65_7 What is the relationship between inflation and unemployment?
65_8 What is frictional unemployment and why is it important?
65_9 Is frictional unemployment bad for the economy?
65_10 How can the government reduce the level of frictional unemployment?
66_1 Tell me about lavender plants.
66_2 What are the different types of lavender plants?
66_3 What places are famous for lavender plants?
66_4 Are lavender plants safe to eat?
66_5 What variety of lavender is best for cooking?
66_6 How is lavender used in cooking?
66_7 What foods is lavender good for cooking with?
66_8 What are the health benefits of lavender oil?
66_9 Are there any side effects of lavender oil?
67_1 Why is blood red?
67_2 What are red blood cells?
67_3 How are red blood cells created?
67_4 How is oxygen transported in blood?
67_5 What is anemia?
67_6 What are the symptoms of anemia?
67_7 Can anemia go away?
67_8 What are anemia's possible causes?
67_9 How is anemia treated?
67_10 What foods contain high levels of iron?
67_11 What improves iron absorption?
68_1 What is cuisine is Emilia-Romagna famous for?
68_2 Tell me about cooking schools and classes in Emilia-Romagna.
68_3 What are famous foods from Emilia-Romagna?
68_4 Describe the traditional process for making balsamic vinegar.
68_5 What is mortadella and where is it from?
68_6 What’s the difference between mortadella and bologna?
68_7 Where was Parmesan cheese created?
68_8 What is done with the whey after production of Parmesan cheese?
68_9 What are typical pasta dishes from Emilia-Romagna?
68_10 What is the history of tagliatelle al ragu bolognese?
68_11 What are common variations of tagliatelle al ragu bolognese?
69_1 How do you sleep after jet lag?
69_2 Does melatonin help with jet lag?
69_3 How was melatonin discovered?
69_4 What are good sources of melatonin in food?
69_5 Is melatonin bad for you?
69_6 What are the side effects of melatonin?
69_7 Why does melatonin require a prescription in the UK?
69_8 How can I increase my melatonin levels naturally?
69_9 Is melatonin effective for treating insomnia?
69_10 How about melatonin's effect for anxiety?
70_1 What is solar energy?
70_2 What are the main uses of solar energy?
70_3 Why is solar energy important?
70_4 What are advantages of solar energy?
70_5 What is the cost of solar power?
70_6 How is solar power being used in rural Africa?
70_7 Tell me about how solar cookers work.
70_8 How is solar energy used in architecture?
70_9 What are important architecture projects using solar energy?
70_10 Can solar energy be used to power cars?
71_1 What are mammals?
71_2 What are mammals' key characteristics?
71_3 How many legs do mammals have?
71_4 What is the largest mammal on land?
71_5 What is the largest mammal in the world?
71_6 What is the largest mammal in the UK?
71_7 What about the largest mammal to ever walk the earth?
71_8 Tell me about Blue whales.
71_9 How much do Blue whales weigh?
71_10 Where do blue whales live?
71_11 What do blue whales eat?
71_12 Where can we see blue whales?
72_1 What do Spanish people do on Christmas day?
72_2 What do Spanish people eat for Christmas dinner?
72_3 What do Spanish people eat on Christmas eve?
72_4 What is the Spanish Christmas Lottery?
72_5 How does the Spanish Christmas Lottery drawing work?
72_6 How are the Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets sold?
72_7 What is Tió de Nadal?
72_8 How did the tradition of Tió de Nadal start?
72_9 How do Spanish people celebrate Three Kings Day?
72_10 What Spanish cakes are traditional for Three Kings Day?
73_1 Who is the most successful pirate of all time?
73_2 Who is the most famous female pirate?
73_3 Tell me more about Ching Shih.
73_4 What were Ching Shih's code of laws?
73_5 How did Ching Shih die?
73_6 Who was Anne Bonny?
73_7 What was Anne Bonny famous for?
73_8 Who was Anne Bonny married to?
73_9 How did Calico Jack die?
73_10 What happened to Anne Bonny?
74_1 What are the pros and cons of electric cars?
74_2 Tell me more about Tesla the car company.
74_3 Why did Elon Musk start Tesla?
74_4 What Tesla car models are available?
74_5 What is the best selling Tesla car model?
74_6 What is unique about the Tesla Model 3?
74_7 What are the safety features of Tesla Model 3?
74_8 Why is Tesla building Gigafactories?
74_9 What makes the Tesla batteries unique?
74_10 How long can Tesla car batteries last?
74_11 Tell me more about autopilot in Tesla cars.
74_12 Does Tesla car autopilot support full self-driving?
75_1 Why do turkey and Turkey share the same name?
75_2 Where are turkeys from?
75_3 What was the importance of turkey in native cultures?
75_4 When and how were turkeys domesticated?
75_5 Can turkeys fly?
75_6 Why did Ben Franklin want turkey to be the national symbol?
75_7 How did Ben Franklin cook turkey?
75_8 Why is turkey eaten on Thanksgiving?
75_9 How did turkeys become traditional for Christmas dinner in Britain?
75_10 When did turkeys become popular for Christmas dinner in Britain?
76_1 What are important literary elements?
76_2 What is the difference between literary elements and literary devices?
76_3 What is a literary genre?
76_4 What are the most important literary genres?
76_5 What is a trope?
76_6 What are important examples of tropes in fantasy?
76_7 What is the definition of allegory?
76_8 What are some important modern uses of allegory?
76_9 What are the different types of foreshadowing?
76_10 What is an example of foreshadowing?
77_1 What's the difference between soup and stew?
77_2 Is chilli a stew?
77_3 Is goulash a stew?
77_4 What are popular stews in France?
77_5 How is cassoulet made?
77_6 Tell me about feijoada and its significance.
77_7 How is feijoada similar or different from cassoulet?
77_8 Tell about Bigos stew.
77_9 Why is Bigos stew important?
77_10 What is the history of Irish stew?
78_1 What is the keto diet?
78_2 Why was keto diet originally developed?
78_3 What is ketosis?
78_4 What is paleo diet?
78_5 What do paleo diet and keto diet have in common?
78_6 How are paleo diet and keto diet different?
78_7 What is intermittent fasting?
78_8 How is intermittent fasting related to keto?
78_9 What is the 16_8 method in intermittent fasting?
78_10 What is the best method for weight loss?
79_1 What is taught in sociology?
79_2 What is the main contribution of Auguste Comte to sociology?
79_3 What is the role of positivism in sociology?
79_4 What is Herbert Spencer known for in sociology?
79_5 How is Herbert Spencer's work related to Comte?
79_6 What is the functionalist theory in sociology?
79_7 What is the main criticism of functionalist theory in sociology?
79_8 How does functionalist theory compare to conflict theory?
79_9 What are modern examples of conflict theory?
80_1 What were the purposes of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
80_2 What were important plants and animals Lewis and Clark discovered?
80_3 What were the diplomatic objectives of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
80_4 What were the Native American tribes that Lewis and Clark encountered?
80_5 How did Sacagawea help Lewis and Clark?
80_6 Did Lewis and Clark find the Northwest Passage?
80_7 What was the purpose of Fort Mandan in the Lewis and Clark expedition?
80_8 How did Lewis and Clark spend the next winter?
80_9 What happened to Fort Clatsop?
80_10 What was the impact of the Lewis and Clark expedition?