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1_1 What is a physician's assistant?
1_2 What are the educational requirements required to become a physician's assistant?
1_3 What does the education to become a physician's assistant cost?
1_4 What's the average starting salary of a physician's assistant in the UK?
1_5 What's the average starting salary of a physician's assistant in the US?
1_6 What school subjects are needed to become a registered nurse?
1_7 What is the physician's assistant average salary vs a registered nurse?
1_8 What the difference between a physician's assistant and a nurse practitioner?
1_9 Do nurse practitioners or physician's assistant's make more?
1_10 Is a physician's assistant above a nurse practitioner?
1_11 What is the fastest way to become a nurse practioner?
1_12 How much longer does it take to become a doctor after being a nurse practitioner?
2_1 What are the main breeds of goat?
2_2 Tell me about boer goats.
2_3 What goat breed is good for meat?
2_4 Are angora goats good for meat?
2_5 Are boer goats good for meat?
2_6 What are pygmy goats used for?
2_7 What goat breed is the best for fiber production?
2_8 How long do Angora goats live?
2_9 Can you milk Angora goats?
2_10 How many Angora goats can you have per acre?
2_11 Are Angora goats profitable?
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