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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# From the .map file and the disassembly of the ELF file
# output the final address (in the ELF) of all original labels
# Also output which addresses in the ELF references each symbol (Will be useful
# when building the relocation table).
import sys
from collections import defaultdict
import re
from pprint import pprint
def write_err(s, *args):
sys.stderr.write(s + "".join(str(i) for i in args) + "\n")
HEX_DIGITS = "[\dA-Fa-f]+"
RE_INTRUCTION_ADDRESS = "(?P<instr_addr>{})".format(HEX_DIGITS)
RE_OPCODE_HIGH_BYTE = "(?P<opcodeH>{})".format(HEX_DIGITS)
RE_OPCODE_LOW_BYTE = "(?P<opcodeL>{})".format(HEX_DIGITS)
RE_OPCODE_ADDR_LOW_BYTE = "(?P<addrL>{})".format(HEX_DIGITS)
RE_MNEMONIC = "(?P<mnemonic>[a-z0-9]+)"
RE_ELF_ADDR = "(?P<elf_addr>(?:0x|){})".format(HEX_DIGITS)
# Opcode com parametro (jmp, call, rcall, etc)
#0: 0c 94 82 00 jmp 0x104 ; 0x104 <_binary_build_blink_jmp_asm_bin_end+0xf6>
# Opcode sem parametro
#4: 11 24 eor r1, r1
OBJDUMP_REGEX = re.compile(r'{}:\s+{}\s+{}\s+({}\s+{}\s+{}\s+{})?.*'.format(RE_INTRUCTION_ADDRESS,
map_file = sys.argv[1]
#Dado um simbolo, qual seu endereço?
symbols_by_name = defaultdict(list)
#Dado um endereço, quais símbolos apontam para ele?
symbols_by_addr = defaultdict(list)
with open(map_file, 'r') as f:
for line in f:
if 'CSEG' in line:
parts = line.strip().split(" ")
symbol = parts[1]
addr = int(parts[-1], 16)
if symbol in ["CppmMainMenu"]:
write_err(symbol, " addr=", "0x%x" % addr)
#print symbols_by_name
#print symbols_by_addr
#Dado um simbolo, qual seu novo endereço no arquivo ELF?
symbols_addr_in_elf = {}
# Dado um símbolo, quais instruçoes no ELF referenciam esse símbolo?
instructions_for_symbols = defaultdict(list)
#disassembly comes from sdtin
for line in sys.stdin:
m =
if m:
group_dict = m.groupdict()
if group_dict['addrH'] and group_dict['addrL']: # This is a branch struction, must be relocated
write_err("branch instruction=", line.strip())
addr = int(group_dict['addrH'] + group_dict['addrL'], 16)
if ("%x" % addr) in ["5db"]:
if addr in symbols_by_addr: # We found a symbol at this address in the .map file
if ("%x" % addr) in ["5db"]:
write_err("symbols in this addr=", symbols_by_addr[addr], " elf_addr=", group_dict['elf_addr'])
for _s in symbols_by_addr[addr]:
symbols_addr_in_elf[_s] = addr
instructions_for_symbols[_s].append(int(group_dict['instr_addr'], 16))
symbols_not_in_elf = set(symbols_by_name.keys()).difference(set(instructions_for_symbols.keys()))
#This is a special entry point
for _0_addr_symbols in symbols_not_in_elf:
print _0_addr_symbols, "I", "0x%x" % (symbols_by_name[_0_addr_symbols][0] * 2)
# Print all other symbols that were found in the ELF file
# Format: <sym_name> <sym_type> <sym_addr> <instructions, ...>
# sym_type is I=Internal E=External
for _s in symbols_addr_in_elf:
sym_type = "I"
if _s in ["call_me_maybe", "flashdata_from_asm", "c_read_flashbyte"]:
sym_type = "E"
print _s, sym_type, "0x%x" % (symbols_addr_in_elf[_s] * 2), " ".join("0x%x" % item for item in instructions_for_symbols.get(_s, []))