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-= GroupBasedRedirectionPlugin =
+## GroupBasedRedirectionPlugin
This plugin was written do allow any user to have a _start page_ based on his group permission.
This plugin can be used as the _default_handler_ of Trac. This way, every time a user logs in he will be redirected to his _start page_.
-= Configuration =
+# Configuration
To start using this plugin you have do copy de source-code to the Trac _plugins_ folder. After that you have to edit trac.ini and change the line:
-default_handler = ...
+ default_handler = ...
-default_handler = GroupBasedRedirection
+ default_handler = GroupBasedRedirection
You have also to choose the plugin specific options. Create e new session in trac.ini named: group-based-redirection like this:
-base_url = wiki/some-path/%s
-blacklist = group1, group2, group3, ...
+ [group-based-redirection]
+ base_url = wiki/some-path/%s
+ blacklist = group1, group2, group3, ...
*base_url*: is the destionation url that the user wil be redirected to, note that you can use _%s_ do represent the _groupname_. You can use %s only *once* in the _base_url_. If base_url is not set, it defaults to _/wiki_.

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