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require 'redmine'
#This file loads some associations into the core redmine classes, like associations to todos.
##REMOVED because I couldnt get it to work in dev enviroment, where model classes are continiously reloaded
#require 'patch_redmine_classes'
Redmine::Plugin.register :redmine_todos_plugin do
name 'Redmine Todo Lists plugin'
author 'David Lyons'
description 'A plugin to create and manage agile-esque todo lists on a per project basis.'
version ''
settings :default => {
'todos_auto_complete_parent' => false
}, :partial => 'settings/settings'
project_module :todo_lists do
permission :view_project_todo_lists,
{:todos => [:index] }
permission :edit_project_todo_lists,
{:todos => [:create, :destroy, :new, :toggle_complete, :sort]}
permission :use_personal_todo_lists,
{:mytodos => [:index,:destroy, :new, :create, :toggle_complete, :index, :sort]}
menu :top_menu, :mytodos, { :controller => 'mytodos', :action => 'index' },
:caption => :my_todos_title #, :public => false
menu :project_menu, :todos, {:controller => 'todos', :action => 'index'},
:caption => :project_todos_title, :after => :new_issue, :param => :project_id
#fix required to make the plugin work in devel mode with rails 2.2
# as per
load_paths.each do |path|
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