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Check out the README.rdoc(displayed on repo root) for more information and documentation.

Known Bugs

These can be found in the Issues.

Fixed Errors

These are the errors and bugs that are already fixed in the latest available version…

Fixed by

  • In all versions released to now (current latest is, there is a big bug with the Drag and drop sorting for todo lists. After you add or delete a todo from a list, the drag and drop stops working for that list until you refresh the page. Its got something to do with the Prototype javascript library that Rails uses, and its going to be a pain to figure out whats going on there I fear.
  • Using v0.0.3.1; When a child-todo is created, the todo-list view isn’t updated after clicking ‘create todo’ or ‘Done adding todos’. Instead it updates only on a refresh of the page which then shows the list succesfully, so the todos are actually being created during this view-error.
  • Using v0.0.3.1; Scoped to the personal todos only: after selecting a date for a todo using the pop-up, the selected date doesn’t appear instantly in the view as it does for the project todos when updating the date.

Fixed in

  • There seems to be some problems currently (0.0.2) with the permissions. I’m getting 403-errors for the views as being logged-in as an administrator with manager-role on specific project. I further tested this nice plugin by undoing the controller from the before_filter :authorize. This works but it is just an unwanted workaround.
    p<. Since there are some comments about this already in the source, and the plugin is pretty young too, I guess it’s a work-in-progress but wanted to share the experience with the further-more imho nice plugin…
…In response to the above error:…

There is one thing I needed to change in the redmine source to get the ‘My todos’ page to work.
Around line 230 of app/models/user.rb there is a method declaration like so:

def allowed_to?(action, project, options)

For reasons of which i am unsure, the version of redmine we are running (1month old) never actually passes in the ‘options’ variable to this call. As a temporary hack i changed the method declaration to:

def allowed_to?(action, project, options={:global => true})

Which just adds as default an option to check for security for so-called global(non-project based) menu items.

This is obviously not a great fix to the problem, but I havn’t had a chance to properly delve into the Redmine source to work out how I should be handling security for a global(non-project) plugin page. If anyone has any ideas on this to share please!

Also, dont forget after installing the plugin you have to set up the Role permissions for it in “Roles and permissions” in Redmine admin. Using the permissions report is probably the easiest. The plugin is listed under ‘Task Lists’, which was an early name for the project and will change eventually.

Fixed in

  • Due to a mistake by me, the plugin currently requires the ruby-debug gem, and will not load without it. That will be fixed in the next release, for the moment just ‘gem install ruby-debug’