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Motion-Swipe for RubyMotion

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Trying to add a Tinder-like swipe gem for RubyMotion. Not really production ready but useable. PRs for fixes, refactors and features accepted! This is also my first gem - advice/help is welcome.

This is a wrapper around Richard Kim's TinderSimpleSwipeCards written in obj-c. He does an excellent job detailing how it all works, so that you customize it easily. Some of that got erased when I was making this, so see his source: https://github.com/cwRichardKim/TinderSimpleSwipeCards

create a draggable view background

@draggable = MotionSwipe.build({
  frame: CGRectMake(0, 0, self.view.frame.width, self.view.frame.height),
  delegate: self # Needed if you want to call method of a class with your button

adjust the draggable view's height and width

@draggable.setCardWithHeight(@height, withWidth: width)

create a new draggable view, and add it to the draggable view background

new_card = @draggable.createDraggableView

now just append views, buttons, or whatever to that draggable view

# you can assign an id to the card for identification
new_card.cardId = card_id

make sure to load the cards you added into the draggable view background

# this method returns the number of cards
count = @draggable.loadCards()

methods are available to swipe cards left or right without a gesture


NSUserDefaults are used to track the current card, previously swiped card, and previous swipe direction

@defaults = NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults