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Bert: The Emotion Picture tells the story of Bert (Andre Meadows), a socially awkward and isolated man who desperately wants the attention of Sara (Jeneta St. Clair), the girl of his dreams. When he sees that Sara is consumed with a handsome stranger (Morgan Benoit), Bert becomes obsessed with being just like him. Against the backdrop of Los Angeles, the ultimate land of artifice, Bert receives enlightenment through a public access TV show that urges viewers to be themselves, but to also demand gifts from the Universe. Bert looks in the mirror and wants desperately to become visible to Sara and, ultimately, the world. After a chance meeting with a mysterious man named Louis (David Atwood), Bert suddenly feels capable of manifesting his most impossible desire to switch bodies with the beautiful stranger.

After the transformation, Bert walks away in his new body and the stranger wakes confused and trapped in Bert’s body. The question remains, however, if Bert can ultimately transcend his (or anyone else’s) skin.

Also starring Myko Olivier and Erin Konstantine, Bert: The Emotion Picture is a surreal fable about the nature of love and superficiality.

About the website

The website is using Rails 3.2 on Ruby 1.9, because I couldn't be bothered to re-implement the asset pipeline in Sinatra...