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0.5.9 / 2014-02-18

  • Correctly output boolean element value 'false' (confusion)

0.5.8 / 2013-10-12

  • Allow child elements to remove their parent's namespacing (dcarneiro)
  • has_many elements were returning nil because the tag name was being ignored (haarts)
  • Subclassed happymapper classes are allowed to override elements (benoist)
  • Attributes on elements with dashes will properly created methods (alex-klepa)
  • 'Embedded' attributes break parsing when parent element is not present (geoffwa)

0.5.7 / 2012-10-29

0.5.6 / 2012-10-29

  • Add possibility to give a configuration block to Nokogiri when parsing (DieboldInc).

0.5.5 / 2012-09-30

  • Fix for Boolean attributes to ensure that they parse correctly (zrob)

0.5.4/ 2012-09-25

  • the #wrap method allows you to better model xml content that is buried deep within the xml. This implementation addresses issues with calling #to_xml with content that was parsed from an xpath. (zrob)

  • Parent HappyMapper classes may dictate the name of the tag for the child HappyMapper instances. (zrob)

0.5.3/ 2012-09-23

  • String is the default type for parsed fields. (crv)
  • Update the attributes of an existing HappyMapper instance with new XML (benoist)
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