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Data Analytics Meetings UPJS
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01 New Age of Artificial Intelligence
02 Spectral Clustering
03 Applications of Spectral Clustering
04 Practical Machine Learning
05 Save the vineyard
07 Spectral bandits for smooth graph functions
12 Geomagneticke burky
2019 01 3D Human Body Reconstruction using GANs

Data Analytics Meetings UPJŠ

V tomto adresári nájdete:

Stretnutia v akademickom roku 2019/2020:

P.č. Dátum Téma Prednášajúci
01 25.09.2019 3D Human Body Reconstruction using Generative Adversarial Networks Gergely Magyar, Filip Hendrichovský, Mária Virčíková
02 09.10.2019 Physics-inspired approach to efficient and automated gap filling in massive spatial data Milan Žukovič
03 16.10.2019 An Empirical Evaluation of Generic Convolutional and Recurrent Networks for Sequence Modeling Reading Group
04 23.10.2019 Business & AI Tomáš Bel
05 30.10.2019 Attention Augmented Convolutional Networks Reading Group
06 06.11.2019 Computer vision applications of Deep Learning Stanislav Hrivňak, Ondrej Palkoci
07 13.11.2019 Densely Connected Convolutional Networks Reading Group
08 20.11.2019 Time series - a different beast Róbert Tóth
09 27.11.2019 Anomaly Detection : A Survey Reading Group on Anomaly Detection

Stretnutia z akademického roka 2018/2019:

Na stretnutiach Deep Learning Reading Group sa čítala kniha dostupná na nasledijúcom linku:

P.č. Dátum Téma Prednášajúci
01 19.09.2018 New Age of Artificial Intelligence Marián Dvorský
02 03.10.2018 Spectral Clustering Erik Bruoth
03 10.10.2018 Applications of spectral clustering Erik Bruoth
04 17.10.2018 Practical Machine Learning Peter Štrauch
05 24.10.2018 Save the vineyard: Part 1 Stanislav Hrivňak
06 07.11.2018 Save the vineyard: Part 2 Stanislav Hrivňak
07 14.11.2018 Spectral bandits for smooth graph functions Tomáš Kocák
08 21.11.2018 Machine learning in astronomy: why and how? Michal Čokina
09 28.11.2018 3D modeling of the countryside Ján Kaňuk
10 05.12.2018 From fighting cancer to recognising landmarks Daniel Kuchta
11 12.12.2018 Marriage of neuroscience and robotics Keerthi Doreswami
12 19.12.2018 Neurónové siete a geomagnetické búrky Gabriela Andrejková
13 20.02.2019 The power of graphs in speeding up online learning and decision making Michal Valko
14 25.02.2019 Automation of Data Science Tomas Horvath
15 20.03.2019 Way from convolution neural network to artificial inteligence Juraj Kundrik
16 10.04.2019 The Doctor in the Machine + Hack Kosice 2019 Report Jozef Kiseľák
17 09.05.2019 Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Peter Bednar
18 30.05.2019 MLMU KE: Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning Slavo Matasovsky
19 19.06.2019 Depth separation for neural networks Tomáš Kocák
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