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The Call of Duty extension libcod is adding new server-side functions to:

  • Call Of Duty 2 1.0
  • Call Of Duty 2 1.2
  • Call Of Duty 2 1.3


g++ (multilib for x64)
MySQL (optional)

Working with the source / Compiling:

./ cod2_1_0
./ cod2_1_2
./ cod2_1_3

Starting the server:

export LD_PRELOAD="$HOME/cod2_1_0/"
./cod2_lnxded +set fs_game ... +set dedicated 2 ...

Little overview of added functions:

  • MySQL ( kung foo man & IzNoGod, Voron versions )
  • Linux shell command execution (adds tons of possibilites like executing external scripts, commands and pass their output to GSC)
  • setVelocity, getVelocity, addVelocity (needed for the mods: portal, surf)
  • keyPressed-functions for left, right, forward, backward, leanleft, leanright, jump etc., (needed for: surf, doublejump made by IzNoGod)
  • setAlive-function (needed for: zombots, so xmodels are damagable without damage-trigger... zombots in stockmaps)
  • Dynamic control of player collisions, eject (Cvars: g_PlayerCollision, g_PlayerEject)
  • native bot functions (bots can move, shoot, jump, melee, ads, set stance)
  • weapon-functions (get/set weapon damage, firetime, maxammo without editing their files)
  • Print path to script if an error occurs ("Started from:", "Called from:"; position cycle in code: "infinity loop error"; etc.) in developer mode = 0 (developer 0)

Engine fixes:

  • Faster download for CoD2 1.0
  • Directory traversal fix
  • Weapon struct segfault fix
  • Rate Limiter

Community / Help:

CoD1 users: Libcod support for CoD1 was very basic and without almost all functions and it's been dropped. Use php's CoDExtended:

CoD4 users: use CoD4x: