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Provide a set of useful classes for general usage.

  • xy.core.attribute

    • Provide enhanced property

      • define attributes outside init. easy to define the interfaces.
      • easily keep the attribute's behavior in sub classes with out "super" call.

        usage: >>>class A(object): val = Attriubte('val', factory=int, validator=lambda v: v in range(3,7), readonly=True, otw=False, ... # for more please check the code ) >>> a = A() >>> print a.val 0 >>> a.val=1; print a.val 1 >>> del a.val; print a.val 0 >>>class A(object): val = Attriubte('val')

               def val(self):
                   return 10
            'del a.val' does not delete the attr from instance.
            it just clean the assigned value for this attr. 
  • xy.core.config

    • Provide enhanched configuration classes based on the SafeConfigParser
      • support comments
      • support saving item with JSON format
  • xy.core.dispatcher

    • A flexible event dispatcher. Inspired by famouse PyDispatcher and QT signal-slot mechanism.
  • xy.core.plug

    • A minium framwork of plugin architect.
    • You can have your own plug-in strategy on top of it.
      • manifest driven
      • distributed
      • ...
  • xy.core.sock

    • A enhenced socket implementation to make the proxy handling very easy.
  • xy.core.metanode

    • A simple xml parser and builder. It is handy for lightwight meta-data handling.
  • xy.core.datatype

    • Provide some useful datatype. Ok, maybe not that useful, but at lease the "weakmap"s might fit into some situation usage. Check it out.


A lightweight event driven component based asynchoronous application framework.

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