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I'll try and update this as often as possible. But I might not be able to provide links or specifics as the websites may be private.

Looking for my blog?

17th December 2018

  • Attempted to write some tests on a Laravel app
  • Compressed images on sites
  • Fixed some bugs on BiblioSpot

15th December 2018

  • Updated node dependencies on personal site
  • Created a gravatar npm package
  • Fancied up my terminal with ZSH
  • Converted CSS to TailwindCSS on my technology blog
  • Wrote auth system to interact with Laravel API on project
  • Write some Vue code on a project

14th December 2018

  • Fixed protocol on readme of an open source project
  • Created a npm package for bulma modals in TailwindCSS
  • Working on sharing improvements for BiblioSpot notes

13th December 2018

  • Did some work on the bin collection web app I'm building for my local area

12th December 2018

  • Fixed comments box on a website I manage
  • Worked on my social embeds addon for Statamic
  • Done some work on events for a client site

11th December 2018

  • Updated node dependencies on sites

10th December 2018

  • Attempted to build a static site generator with Bash - failed
  • Worked on a Student MIS system I'm building - open sourcing soon, hopefully!

8th December 2018

  • Fixed css issue on client website

5th December 2018

  • Added Tailwind to Iamlittle
  • Refactored heros and header in Tailwind on Iamlittle
  • Added medium posts to my blog
  • Wrote a blog update

4th December 2018

  • Started on creating a podcatcher app in Vue

1st December 2018

  • Made a clone version of a webpage in TailwindCSS for practise
  • Added 'Login' and 'Register' nav items to public notes app menu
  • Added Amazon App Store Promo to BiblioSpot homepage
  • Made a JSON feed for This Week in Tech articles for Alexa skill
  • Submitted a PR for Open-Source Laravel repo for adding Directory Manager
  • Redesigned my personal website - still need to work on fonts
  • Submitted a PR for adding templating to Lists on Statamic documentation