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Static Site Generator built on components from the Laravel framework
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Static Site Generator built on components from the Laravel framework

Systatic is no longer in active development. Only bug fixes and security fixes will be released from now on.

  • Collections - You can fetch your data from Markdown files or you can get them from remote locations (like a headless CMS).
  • Serverless (quite literally) - Put your site in Git, create a site on Netlify and you're done, essentially.
  • No Frontend Stack - We don't predefine your front-end, we leave that up to you. You'll only going to rip it out anyway.

📄 Documentation

You can read our documentation and make changes to it on Github.

ℹ️ Help

If you have a question, create an issue or join our Discord server.

🤲 Contributing

Systatic is open to contributions, big or small. Check out our contributors guide before making any contributions.

📝 License

Systatic is licensed under the MIT license.

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