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Modular Test Case

Modular Test Case is a test-case class for nette/tester. It provides means for improved test method environment setup.


Consider a test that uses a relational database. Appropriate schema has to be setup before a test is run. Furthermore means have to be put in place to ensure each test runs in an isolated environment.

Modular Test Case provides a solution for test-case design with such complex setup requirements. The setup taks is carried out by a Module. Test methods are annotated to select required modules. Required modules are loaded before the test method executes. They subscribe to the method's life-cycle events.

In the core of Modular Test Case stands LifeCycle. LifeCycle is a lightweight mediator whose responsibility is to notify subscribed modules about test life-cycle changes. There are these life-cycle events at the moment:

  • initialized - called right before the test method is run.
  • setUp - called in setUp method; remeber to call parent::setUp() when overriding the method in a child test-case
  • success - called after the test method completes successfully
  • exception - called when there is an exception thrown from the test method
  • finally - called every time the test method completes
  • tearDown - called in tearDown method; remeber to call parent::tearDown() when overriding the method in a child test-case
  • shutDown - called when the process running the test-method finishes


Please see integration tests.


Database setup


public function testFoo() {}

The "SHARED" setting uses a single database for all tests. The database is initialized and the connection is setup on the initialized event. Tear down or update of the shared database is not implemented yet.

The "PRIVATE" settings creates and tears down a database per test method. Database is created and the connection is set up on the initialized event. The database is torn down on the shutdown event.

Transaction isolation

Recommended usage:

public function testFoo() {}

This module maintains inter-test database consistency using transactions. Use after the database has been setup. It is especially useful for shared database setups provided by @Database(mode="SHARED") annotation.

The preventImplicitFlush attribute decides if statements causing implicit commit are to be rejected (exception is thrown). See MySQL Docs.


The serializable session isolation level is used. Any MySQL SELECT query is handled as though it contained FOR UPDATE. If multiple tests use the same record, deadlocks may occur. Create specific test data or isolate the tests in private databases.

AUTO INCREMENT values are a global state in a shared database. No specific value whatsoever may be expected by any test. It is safe to expect the value to increase though.

Override your doctrine configuration in tests

	wrapperClass: Damejidlo\ModularTestCase\Module\TransactionIsolation\UncommittedKdybyConnection
	driverClass: Damejidlo\ModularTestCase\Module\TransactionIsolation\MySqlDriver


This module is used for internal testing only.


This library makes use of doctrine/annotations - remember to import annotation classes.

Annotations at overridden methods are not loaded.