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Mico is an experimental Javascript programming environment. It provides
structure and functionality on top the Javascript engine of your choice.
To this aim, Mico strives to use Javascript code instead of native,
engine-specific code wherever possible.

Mico currently provides a fairly complete DOM Level 2 Core implementation
written in pure Javascript, with very limited Level 2 HTML and SVG support.
It also provides incomplete Javascript bindings to SDL and a pure Javascript
bare-bones implementation of the web browser "window" object. Rendering of
DOM nodes happens via an AOP-inspired bridge between DOM elements and the
underlying graphics library of your choice.

Mico introduces a "system" object for interfacing with the underlying
Javascript engine. This object allows for loading script files
(via system.load()) and compiled bindings to C libraries
(via system.dlload()).

Scripts in Mico can declare dependencies on other "packages." At runtime,
these dependencies are resolved automatically through a simple package
location mechanism.

As of this writing, Mico has been used for very little, mostly as a testbed for
novel web browser implementations.

Initial development of Mico was funded by Viewpoints Research Institute,
NSF Grant No. 0639876 and Sun Microsystems.

- Dan Amelang (dan@amelang.net)