ATtiny microcontroller support for the Arduino IDE
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This repo contains a set of "cores" which adds support for some members of the Atmel AVR ATtiny family of microcontroller to the Arduino IDE.

The following micro controllers are supported:

  • ATtiny 25 (8 pin)
  • ATtiny 45 (8 pin)
  • ATtiny 85 (8 pin)
  • ATtiny 24 (14 pin)
  • ATtiny 44 (14 pin)
  • ATtiny 84 (14 pin)

Installation and usage

Following the installation guide to install the core files and follow this guide to find out how to build the circuit.

Also check out this video from Make which explains how to setup and use this core.

Which branch to use?

If you are using Arduino 1.6.x IDE the just use the master branch.

If you are using Arduino 1.0.x IDE, then use the ide-1.0.x branch.