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DJI Tello drone python interface using the official Tello SDK. Feel free to contribute!
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DJI Tello drone python interface using the official Tello SDK and Tello EDU SDK. Yes, this library has been tested with the drone. Please see for a working example controlling the drone as a remote controller with the keyboard and the video stream in a window.

Tested with Python 3.6, but it also may be compatabile with other versions.

Feel free to contribute!

Install through git clone

$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ git clone
$ cd TelloSDKPy
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Sometimes you need to update the virtual environment indexes and skeletons in order for the file to work with pygame. If you are working with PyCharm, this can be done to File > Invalidate Caches

Install through pip

DEPRECATED: The python package at PyPi library is not maintained anymore. I would recommend to install it through git clone.

$ pip install djitellopy


Simple example

from TelloSDKPy.djitellopy import Tello
import cv2
import time

tello = Tello()



Example using pygame and the video stream

Please see

The controls are:

  • T: Takeoff
  • L: Land
  • Arrow keys: Forward, backward, left and right.
  • A and D: Counter clockwise and clockwise rotations
  • W and S: Up and down.

Swarm example

Only for Tello EDU's.

from TelloSDKPy.djitellopy import TelloSwarm

swarm = TelloSwarm.fromIps([


# run in parallel on all tellos

# run by one tello after the other
swarm.sequential(lambda i, tello: tello.move_forward(i * 20))

# making each tello do something unique in parallel
swarm.parallel(lambda i, tello: tello.move_left(i * 100))


  • If you are using the streamon command and the response is Unknown command means you have to update the Tello firmware. That can be done through the Tello app.
  • Mission pad detection and navigation is only supported by the Tello EDU.
  • Connecting to an existing wifi network is only supported by the Tello EDU.
  • When connected to an existing wifi network video streaming is not available.


  • Damià Fuentes Escoté


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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