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中文文档 (Chinese version of this readme)

DJI Tello drone python interface using the official Tello SDK and Tello EDU SDK. This library has the following features:

  • implementation of all tello commands
  • easily retrieve a video stream
  • receive and parse state packets
  • control a swarm of drones
  • support for python >= 3.6

Feel free to contribute!

Install using pip

pip install djitellopy

For Linux distributions with both python2 and python3 (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, ...) you need to run

pip3 install djitellopy

Install in developer mode

Using the commands below you can install the repository in an editable way. This allows you to modify the library and use the modified version as if you had installed it regularly.

git clone
cd DJITelloPy
pip install -e .


API Reference

See for a full reference of all classes and methods available.

Simple example

from djitellopy import Tello

tello = Tello()



More examples

In the examples directory there are some code examples. Comments in the examples are mostly in both english and chinese.


  • If you are using the streamon command and the response is Unknown command means you have to update the Tello firmware. That can be done through the Tello app.
  • Mission pad detection and navigation is only supported by the Tello EDU.
  • Bright environment is necessary for successful use of mission pads.
  • Connecting to an existing wifi network is only supported by the Tello EDU.
  • When connected to an existing wifi network video streaming is not available (TODO: needs confirmation with the new SDK3 port commands)

DJITelloPy in the media and in the wild


  • Damià Fuentes Escoté
  • Jakob Löw
  • and more


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details