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DwD - Magento Extension - CMS Menu

About the extension:

DwD - CMS Menu allows you to include CMS pages links and set them in any order in the top navigation. With this extension you can easily add a CMS page in the top navigation by using the new options added in the CMS page edition form. You wil find options to include the page in the menu, specify if the link should be displayed as child of any other menu item, and specify the order by telling before which item the link should be displayed. In the background, the extension will create a new table to save the pages menu configuration and include the links with an observer so you can enable / disable the extension withot involve any other Magento feature.

Feature list:

  • Enable / disable the extension.
  • Enable / disable each page link in the top navigation.
  • Configure a custom label for each page link in the menu.
  • Set each page order in the menu.
  • Enable / disable the automatic cache flush feature.

How this extension will help you?

Did you ever try to include a CMS page in the top menu? There's nothing easy about that. You will read about two common solutions: follow a lot of steps in the Magento Admin (that will involve creata a category, a custom redirect, etc.), or do it by code. With this extension everything will be much easier and you will get everything working in a few clicks!

How it works? Use it in simple steps:

  • Go to System / Configuration / DwD Extensions / CMS Menu
  • Enable the extension
  • Save the configuration
  • Go to CMS / CMS Pages
  • Edit the page you want to include in the top menu
  • Specify the top menu item configuration.
  • Save the CMS page
  • Enjoy!

Supported versions

Magento 1.8 to 1.9.x.

Extension Demo


Admin URL:

Administrator User: demo.admin

Administrator Password: demo123


For support, contact us at

Change log


  • Code refactor.
  • Unit test friendly.


  • Fixed delete action.
  • Included in Marketplace.


  • Replaced feature "Show View All" by "Hide View All".
  • Included in Marketplace.


  • Minor fixes.
  • Included in Marketplace.


  • Fixed tables creation for implementations with tables prefix.
  • Added the option to disable the "View All" link.
  • Added custom events for 3rd party integrations.


  • Added level field to the cmsmenu table.
  • Fixed child assignment issue.


  • Fixed sort order to avoid child of not showing up issue.
  • Added categories level and status filters for admin select box.
  • Added setup script to fix old items created.


  • Fixed setup scripts.
  • Fixed case issues in configuration.
  • Added automatic cache flush feature.