vIPer: a new tool for IPython notebooks.
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vIPer is an application specifically designed to work with IPython notebooks.

With vIPer you can:

  • Write and execute IPython notebooks.
  • Generate static html views of IPython notebooks.
  • Generate slideshow views of IPython notebooks.
  • Split your screen to see how your changes in the current notebook are rendered in html and slideshow views.
  • Record audio and video from your IPython sessions.
  • Surf the web.
  • And more is comming...

How to use it?

$ipython notebook --no-browser

Note: Set the --notebook-dir as the vIPer directory or open ipython notebook in the same directory where vIPer and the notebooks you are working lives.


(Dashboard page use port 8888, but you want to use another port, point to it using the address bar: Ctrl+a)


Version 1.1: now supporting the last IPython release and using the IPython.nbconvert machinery (as usual... you can play with it, but surely you will find several bugs, just report them).

  • Python 2.7 (obviously...)
  • IPython > 1.1.0 (with its own dependencies)
  • PyQt > 4.9
  • Jinja2
  • Pygments
  • RecordMyDesktop (if you want to record audio and video).


BSD-Modified (also known as New BSD or Revisited BSD).

Author: Damián Avila