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A free Ghost theme :)
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Sticko - A free Ghost theme :)


About this theme

I've been working as a UI/UX Dev and Art Director for the last 12 years. I've also been using the web as a huge source of information for my personal and professional career. sticko is my own way to give back something i love and live for to the internet community: a clean, modern, responsive and free theme for the emerging -and absolutely amazing- blogging platform called Ghost.

I really hope you like it and feel free to use this theme for whatever purpose you want.


  • Full responsive.
  • Lightweight yet beautiful.
  • Google+ Comments on Posts.
  • Off-canvas navigation.
  • Author info outside loop across the whole theme.
  • Responsive videos (thanks to FitVid.js).
  • Possibility to add cover images on posts (thanks to Thom Cullen).
  • Loading indicator.
  • Icon fonts - support for Retina Display/High pixel density screens.
  • SCSS source files for further modifications.


  • Grab a copy of this repository.
  • Place it inside your Ghost installation folder; specifically in /content/themes/.
  • Restart your Ghost instance.
  • Log in the admin panel, go to Settings > General and select sticko from the Theme dropdown menu. Then hit Save.

Optional: Set a cover image for your fresh installed blog. If you dont, dont worry; sticko comes with a preset cover image.

Set a cover image for every post

Ghost does not let you specify a cover/featured image yet, but sticko allows that functionality just by specifying the proper alt property of the desired image:


Thanks to Thomas Cullen for this great workaround.

Setting navigation links

Open the file nav.hbs located in /partials/ folder.

Setting social media links

Open the file social-media.hbs located in /partials/ folder.

Editing footer

Open the file footer.hbs located in /partials/ folder.

Editing CSS/SCSS files.

Sticko is developed on top of Sass and Compass, which means that you are going to need both running on your own machine; follow both guides to set up the proper environment.

Get in touch

If by any reason you need/want to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me an email or find me on Facebook and Twitter.


CreativeCommons Attribution 4.0 International

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