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Store/review assets not precompiled as they were not part of the manifest. #4

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Updated install generator to add the additional js files to the manifest for pre-compilation.

@damianogiacomello damianogiacomello merged commit 9ea595c into from

Actually, this does not appear to have the intended result. The reviews/ js is still not being picked up during the asset compilation.

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Commits on Jul 24, 2012
  1. @ethier
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3  lib/generators/spree_reviews_rating/install/install_generator.rb
@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ def add_formtastic
def add_javascripts
append_file "app/assets/javascripts/store/all.js", "//= require store/spree_reviews_rating\n"
+ append_file "app/assets/javascripts/store/all.js", "// Added as part of the spree_reviews_rating install\n"
+ append_file "app/assets/javascripts/store/all.js", "//= require store/review/index\n"
+ append_file "app/assets/javascripts/store/all.js", "//= require store/review/new\n"
def add_stylesheets
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